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Write My Name
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Personalise kids handwriting milestone
Give a child the perfect gift to learn their name

Fleet, Hampshire: There is no other workbook globally that fulfills a need to teach children to learn to read, write and spell their exact name. This reprintable workbook takes the child through various exercises so that by the end they are able to write their name.

The benefit of this product is that parents can quickly access and create the workbook and instantly have it delivered into their email.

Parents will look to get their child’s confidence up before they begin school and also to improve their fine motor skills so that they may excel at other recreational past times such as music and sports.
Mother and Dragon’s Den Candidate Effie Moss, owner of Just For Tiny People Ltd
“This is an amazing concept!”

Mother and Teacher, Kate Probert “Huge congrats on coming up with a fab idea. I love the personalised touch of the photo, especially for the target age.
I really like how it then takes you through writing each letter of their own…As a teacher, the biggest challenge is meeting all the different needs and this booklet is great for children who are happy to sit and write”

If only Reece Witherspoon had this workbook! (on 4 year old son’s attempt to write his name) “'When your name is TENNESSEE, it’s a bit tricky to learn how to spell it,”

“Usually children start by experimenting with the letters in their own names, as these are most familiar to them.”

“Literacy development involves encouraging children to link sounds and letters and to begin to read and write. Children must be given access to a wide range of reading materials (books, poems, and other written materials) to ignite their interest” Early Years Foundation Statutory Framework.

Mother and Teacher, Loretta Clarke “Wow! This looks like an amazing tool to use and being a teacher I only know too well how important it is for children to be able to write their name confidently when they start school x”

Mother, Jaime Dee “This sound great! Would be perfect for my preschooler!”

Mother and Blogger, Emma Shilton “It sounds like a really interesting concept and I’d love to be involved!”

The workbook is on a Pay What You Want basis with a minimum charge for a limited time to enable parents to express how much it is worth to them and their children. Following the introduction of a printed version the download will have a set price.

Other Benefits
• Helps to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in children
• Makes for perfect preparation for children starting at primary school

About Write My Name: Created by a mum of 2, qualified accountant with an English degree, to give her 3 year old daughter a tool to write her name . The workbook is designed to be downloadable and reprintable. Homepage is Twitter is @writemy_name and facebook is

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Write My Name is the only fully comprehensive, personalised workbook available online. It features more than 20 reprintable pages of any child’s name in various patterns at different stages of learning.

It is a great way to improve a child’s fine motor skills and develop their handwriting early. Other benefits of improved fine motor skills include doing up buttons, playing musical instruments or even learning how to type.

What Children Will Learn From the Workbook
How many letters make up their name and in which order
How to make their writing more legible
How to form letters correctly with the use of arrows
How to maintain consistent letter height and spacing
Helps to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in children
Allows children to discover a whole new part of themselves
Makes for perfect preparation for primary school writing
Parents can keep the memories forever of their child’s first name writing experience

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