Imagine Dad’s delight when you get him the latest adventure camera on the market. The JooVuu X Camera is one of the most popular car and action cameras currently on the market. Using the latest technology the JooVuu X combines quality and reliability in a camera that is smaller than a credit card and thinner than the height of a penny.

The camera records in both 2.5k resolution and 1080P 60fps resolution, offering smooth and high definition video recordings and pictures. The JooVuu X's small size and lightweight – 61 grams including the battery - means it can be mounted and used in almost any situation from quadcopters and drones, to cars, to biking. Whatever you can imagine the JooVuu X can capture it in stunning detail.

Daniel Jaenicke, Founder of JooVuu X states, “The JooVuu X is an ideal present for your father for a few simple reasons. He’ll love it. He’ll use it. It’s fun. We’ve been getting some great reviews and we’re already seeing an increase in demand for the JooVuu X.”

With the increasing use of car cameras the JooVuu X is an ideal camera to capture Dad’s heart due to its technology and versatility. Give your something fun this year and something he will use for years to come. The JooVuu X starts at £79.99 with the voucher code: FATHERSDAY16 which provides £10 off any JooVuu X order until the end of June 2016.

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Contact: Daniel Jaenicke
Position: Owner of JooVuu X
Phone: +44 (0)7850056310

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Creator of the car and action camera - JooVuu X.

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