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One Big Switch


01 March 2016 07:15


One Big Switch is today launching the Big Energy Switch, a campaign to cut the cost of electricity and gas in Scotland using people power.

The campaign will use the power of group switching to help unlock group-discounted electricity and gas prices for tens of thousands of Scottish consumers.

The campaign is aiming to boost competition in the Scottish energy market by:
- Signing up 20,000 consumers in the next 4 weeks willing to switch together
- Use their collective buying power to negotiate discounted electricity & gas offers
- Make this group-discounted offer available to those who join the campaign

One Big Switch have launched the Big Energy Switch in Scotland in response to the current energy affordability crisis gripping Scotland.
This crisis is most clearly seen in the recent finding that one in three Scottish households suffer from fuel poverty. Fuel poverty is declared when someone is committing more than 10% of their household income to their energy bills.

To add fuel to the fire, the Scottish Government are proposing to cut the fuel budget by £15million, meaning the spending to tackle this issue is being reduced by 13%.

Not only does the Big Energy Switch campaign aim to unlock group-discounted energy offers, it aims to boost competitiveness in the Scottish energy market.

David Liston, Senior Campaigner at One Big Switch has launched the second Big Energy Switch campaign in as many years in response to the affordability crisis.

“Scottish households are fed up with the relentless rise in energy costs. With the current rate of fuel poverty, it’s clear this is a serious national issue that needs addressing now.

“The Big Energy Switch campaign, worked last year to help fight back against the rising cost of living, and now is the time for Scottish consumers to once again act together to unlock a better deal,” he said.

One Big Switch ran the Big Energy Switch in Scotland in 2015 where 34,000 consumers took part. That campaign unlocked group discounted electricity for thousands for Scots.

Joining the Big Energy Switch is entirely cost and obligation free. Consumers who wish to sign up can visit Registration closes at midnight 25 March 2016. Case Study families who have joined the campaign can be provided.

MEDIA ENQUIRIES: David Liston, One Big Switch Senior Campaigner EMAIL: PHONE: 07 507 451 550

1.Scottish House Condition Survey 2014, Also see ExHA press release:
10 EET Committee report

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