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Pedals Delivery

Pedals Delivery: empowering cycling enthusiasts to earn some money on their way home

17 February 2016 15:00


• On demand delivery service allows cyclists to set their own schedule
• Uber for cyclists - Pay based on distance and time

February 17, 2016 (London, UK) – Pedals (, a fully green bicycle delivery service for London, is giving passionate cyclists a chance to make some money while exploring the city by bicycle.

Vetted cyclists are given access to the list of deliveries that come through the system and can pick and choose jobs as they please. Pedals delivers everything from flowers to soft drinks. As there is no specific uniform, riders can be “on” at any time, so there’s no advanced planning or scheduling required for shifts.

Pedals is taking advantage of new and improved cycle lanes all around London, creating an environmentally sustainable and reliable distribution strategy. Increased congestion in the city means it’s taking longer to get things from A to B, and that’s where pedal power comes in.

Cyclists can earn up to £12 per delivery and unlike other courier services there are no minimum hour requirements. Deliveries come up on a page that cyclists have access to and there’s an internal rating system to make sure that consistent care and precision is taken with deliveries. All riders go through a telephone interview and then a trial run. Cyclists use their own bikes and bags and apply by emailing

Richa Bhalla, Founder of Pedals, said: “Every single one of our cyclists has an interesting story. They come from all walks of life and have different aspirations, but their underlying passion for cycling underpins everything that we do. We’ve found customers that want and love the service and people who are so happy to be out and about delivering. This creates a happy balance in the Pedals eco-system”

Michael, Pedals cyclist said: “It’s like getting paid to exercise. No more gym for me!”

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