Reliable and environmentally sustainable bicycle delivery service with an emphasis on speed and precision gets backing by government funded accelerator programme
Pedals cyclists can be hired for on-demand delivery of products from A to B within 90-minutes, or can be hired by the hour for multiple distributions throughout London
Have done over 1500 deliveries since launch 4 months ago
Pedals is empowering cyclists to work a fully flexible schedule around their own personal commitments

May 13, 2016 (London, UK) – With the new Mayor of London committing to increase TFL's cycling budget to protect and encourage riders, Pedals (, a new London-based bicycle courier service has caught the attention of a government backed accelerator programme.

Pedals launched to provide eco-conscious companies and individuals with a green, hassle-free and affordable option for delivering goods from A to B throughout the city within 90 minutes. The new company is not only focused on 24 hour customer service, but also on keeping cyclists happy. Pedals believes that giving bikers a fully flexible schedule empowers them to fit the job in around their daily lives allowing them a hobby into a flexible and fulfilling career.

Creating an environmentally sustainable and reliable distribution strategy, Pedals is reinvigorating existing courier services with personal, old school bicycle delivery to transport products with care, precision and speed.

From as little as £6.70, customers can hire cyclists for bespoke distribution of goods by simply inputting a pick-up location, drop-off destination and precise time slot; no pre-booking required.

For multiple deliveries, cyclists can be hired by the hour for as little as £15. Pedals automatically works out the quickest and safest route for their team of pro cyclists, so businesses and individuals can put their feet up and let Pedals do the legwork for them.

Pedals already works with some of London’s most exciting start-ups including healthy snack producer Pip & Nut, miracle hangover cure Ohayo Tomorrow and luxury bicycle gear producer, Apidura.

Richa Bhalla, Founder of Pedals, said: “We noticed congestion increasing in London and wanted to create a reliable on-demand delivery service. Pedalling allows us to avoid traffic and maintain our accurate delivery slots. Plus what’s better than the windswept, friendly face of a neighbourhood cyclist delivering goods with a warm personal touch?”

Douglas Wolfson, founder of Ohayo Tomorrow ( said: “The move from a traditional courier over to Pedals for our London-based orders has been nothing short of brilliant. The delivery request process is absolutely seamless and has so far achieved a 100% on-time fulfilment rate. We introduced Pedals’ 90-minute express service for our brand which has led to a noticeable increase in sales leading up to the weekend.”

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About Pedals is a website which provides an affordable, reliable and environmentally sustainable bicycle courier service throughout London. Pedals cyclists can be hired for on-demand delivery of products from A to B within 90-minutes, or can be hired by the hour for multiple distributions.
Launched in February 2016 and founded by CEO Richa Bhalla, the company works with passionate cyclists and environmentally conscious individuals and companies to provide a dependable, friendly and green courier service with an emphasis on speed and precision. Current clients include Pip & Nut, Ohayo Tomorrow and apidure.
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UK: Richa Bhalla at or on +44 7958721096

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90 minute bicycle delivery for companies big and small