Payments disrupter Paysend has today welcomed the launch of the government's FinTech strategy.

CEO Ronald Millar believes that the strategy, which includes the inception of a Cryptoassets Task Force, is a major step forward in thinking.

He said: “The Task Force is a welcome step forward in the recognition that digital currencies and the blockchain technology they are delivered on will become an established part of the financial market over the next few years. Trusted and secure cryptocurrencies that will be able to switch easily between fiat currencies and other cryptos will evolve to establish an acceptability of the cryptos amongst the general financial marketplace rather than as a niche or curiosity as at present."

Ronald also believes that the simplification of regulatory processes will make it easier for FinTech companies to launch.

He added: "Having a clearer insight into the requirements of mainstream banking will allow new businesses to incorporate these into their forward plans."


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