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ParkBee Opens Second UK Airport Car Park, In Gatwick – Less Than A Week After Launching In Heathrow!

07 August 2017 14:30


ParkBee now, as of today, operates car parks in the UK’s two most significant airports – London Gatwick and Heathrow. The Gatwick car park, which opened last week, has space for 15 24/7 parkers and an additional 40 spaces available between the hours of 6pm and 8am.

The new ParkBee car park is part of the private Orega office complex, and is now (through ParkBee) open for public use. For only £1 per hour or £8 per 24 hours, airport visitors can park with ease & for a fraction of the usual cost.

For all details on this new car park please see here:

ParkBee are on a mission to make parking better for everyone, by opening private car parks and offering them to the public at a heavily reduced rate. This model increases a city’s available parking spaces, reduces the need to construct car parks as part of new developments and, eventually, can help reduce a city’s search traffic emission.

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Press Contacts

Ariana Alexander-Sefre

Marketing Manager

Tel: +447958491107


About ParkBee

Most major cities have parking issues; it is usually difficult and unaffordable to find a decent parking spot. However, there are plenty of private car parks in great locations, sitting vacant for long periods of time, that are not accessible for public use.

These include private office car parks, hotel car parks, shopping centres and private plots of land sitting in locations with high parking demand. These are the types of sites that could join the sharing economy, making parking better for the public, better for the environment as congestion is lowered, and also bringing the site owner a good extra income.

ParkBee has developed smart technology that opens up these private car parks to the public, making the parking experience seamless and more affordable.


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