As the summer sporting season begins, Cricket & Football fans are preparing for another few months of travel to support their teams.

As an active startup consisting of many sports fans within the company, ParkBee is proud to be sponsoring Farnborough FC this season, managing their entire stadium’s car park. In addition to Football, ParkBee also manages a car park a short walk from The Oval, the hugely popular Cricket stadium in London’s borough of Lambeth!

The Cricket season is already well under way at The Kia Oval with many T20 matches starting this weekend and international matches later this month.

Over the past few weeks and within days of ParkBee Lambeth opening, Oval visitors have benefited from parking with ParkBee. The safe and affordable car park is situated less than 10 minutes’ walk away on Black Prince Road, allowing visitors to head to the match without worrying about where to park their car.

In Farnborough, football fans still have a few weeks’ wait before the season begins. In the buildup, fans will still be heading to the stadium to support their team in the pre-season friendlies, being held from July 9th!

ParkBee is a technology startup that opens private car parks to the public, making it easier to offer very cheap rates in great locations! Through ParkBee’s smart technology, entering the car park and paying for your stay is all done on your smartphone via the RingGo or Parkmobile app.

So, if you are a football or cricket fan (or both!) don’t forget to park with ParkBee and save money while supporting your teams this season!

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Most major cities have parking issues; it is usually difficult and unaffordable to find a decent parking spot. However, there are plenty of private car parks in great locations, sitting vacant for long periods of time, that are not accessible for public use.

These include private office car parks, hotel car parks, shopping centres and private plots of land sitting in locations with high parking demand. These are the types of sites that could join the sharing economy, making parking better for the public, better for the environment as congestion is lowered, and also bringing the site owner a good extra income.

ParkBee has developed smart technology that opens up these private car parks to the public, making the parking experience seamless and more affordable.