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Parim Limited

PARiM's Apps reduce the white noise of business

15 December 2014 13:47


“PARiM launches its Management Apps to reduce the white noise of business!”

“PARiM Workforce Management App is now available for both iPhones at iTunes and Android at Google Play”

Available today, the PARiM App is for use with its cloud based workforce software, integrating with its new version #22 launched this year.

The free to download Apps, allow you to monitor, manage and schedule your staff wherever you are, wherever you want to! For companies providing staff as a service, PARiM offers a complete mobile control room!

Its THREE self service portals PARiM put management, staff and clients all on the same page. With its certificate and absence tracking, asset management, monitoring and automated timesheet production it is a uniquely comprehensive and easy to use offering.

David Duncan, Marketing Director, says "Using PARiM should save companies time, money and hassle by providing a well designed, easy to use scheduling and management system for your staff." Version #22 even allows you to manage and schedule your subcontractors at the same time as your staff, sending them a summarised schedule of work.

MD, Riko Muttik added “PARiM’s ultimate goal is to encourage companies to engage with their staff and clients and to change the way companies run and communicate their daily business. Offering management a chance of a better work-life balance”

All too frequently management get bogged down in the slow mire of checking administration paperwork and repetitive communication - the white noise of business. All too often this prevents them engaging with staff or clients, spending face to face with them and on more business critical issues and achieving a good work life balance.

To download the app:

IMAGES of screen shots available

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About Parim Limited

Two years ago Riko Muttik and Risto Urb, a couple of friends with
extensive backgrounds in the business management and the IT
industry noticed significant weaknesses in existing Workforce
Management Software programmes.
Working closely with organizations that provide workforces or human
resources as part of their services, they came up with a “wish list’ of
all the requirements for developing what they felt would be market
leading cloud based software. Once the first version of the software
was ready, Riko and Risto started looking for an investment and with
its accessibility and flexibility they decided the UK Government’s
Start-Up Loan scheme was the best option.
In late 2012, they pitched their idea to the Start-up Loans Company
panel and were very successful, securing, what was then, the biggest
combined fund in the UK.
Here we are, in 2014, having dedicated many hours listening to
feedback and developing the software and PARiM has grown from
two friends programming into a dedicated team of eight people who
all share the motivation to build and maintain software that is not
just a mundane tool, but a user-friendly product that simplifies, saves
time and money and genuinely adds value to its customers business.

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