PARiM a London based tech start up recently signed up Portr as a new client. Their service AirPortr provides same-day, on demand luggage delivery between London Gatwick or London City Airport and London locations. Customers book their bag-free journey in advance or on the day. Their luggage is then transported promptly and securely to or from the airport, freeing them up to travel more efficiently around the city, before being reunited later that day.

Last week PARiM announced the launch of its new version which includes amongst other new features its revolutionary Zooming Schedule. Mr Duncan added, “this is a very exciting time to be at PARiM, with the speed of development and the integration of new technology into our solution. This has meant we are continuing to win many new clients, from SME’s up to much larger organisations.”

Darren Payne, Chief Operating Officer for Portr said
“We were looking for an agile, flexible, online scheduling and staff management software and PARiM have provided an incredibly well supported solution for us”.

PARiM Director David Duncan said
“We are really excited that Portr have chosen PARiM. They already service two major London Airports and are continuously innovating to improve the passenger experience. Portr are an exciting new company looking to scale up and expand their service so the flexibility and self service portals from PARiM are ideal for their needs.”

About AirPortr
AirPortr was set up by three frustrated frequent flyers who met through coincidence, and shared a vision to create and shape a better way to travel. Founded in 2012 it is the first service of its kind in Europe. AirPortr have delivered thousands of bags to-date and all with a 100% on customer satisfaction record. Pricing: £15 to Airport addresses and local hotels, £25 to Central London and £35 within the M25. Each additional bag costs £5 (with no size or weight restrictions ).

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Two years ago Riko Muttik and Risto Urb, a couple of friends with
extensive backgrounds in the business management and the IT
industry noticed significant weaknesses in existing Workforce
Management Software programmes.
Working closely with organizations that provide workforces or human
resources as part of their services, they came up with a “wish list’ of
all the requirements for developing what they felt would be market
leading cloud based software. Once the first version of the software
was ready, Riko and Risto started looking for an investment and with
its accessibility and flexibility they decided the UK Government’s
Start-Up Loan scheme was the best option.
In late 2012, they pitched their idea to the Start-up Loans Company
panel and were very successful, securing, what was then, the biggest
combined fund in the UK.
Here we are, in 2014, having dedicated many hours listening to
feedback and developing the software and PARiM has grown from
two friends programming into a dedicated team of eight people who
all share the motivation to build and maintain software that is not
just a mundane tool, but a user-friendly product that simplifies, saves
time and money and genuinely adds value to its customers business.