Panties, pens and pans for life… not just for Christmas! BuyMeOnce launches its first holiday gift guide.

Revolutionary website BuyMeOnce launches their Christmas Gift Guide, listing heirloom-quality gifts made to last a lifetime, just in time for the season.

The mission of this groundbreaking startup is to be a consumer champion and save the environment by helping us “throw away our throwaway culture and love things that last.”

To celebrate BuyMeOnce’s first holiday season (the company launched just this year) they have put together a list of unique and sustainable gifts that will stand the test of time.

Highlights include:

• Panties and socks with a lifetime guarantee
• A pen with enough ink to last forever
• An umbrella with a lifetime guarantee and a tag that tells you when you've left it behind
• Pans with a multi-century warranty that you will pass down to your great-great grandchildren
• A football (soccer ball) that never goes flat
• Jewellery crafted from recycled materials with a lifetime guarantee

The BuyMeOnce team researches and finds the “best in show” items for various product categories, and they keep a thriving catalogue of the highest-quality items with long-term manufacturer warranties on their website.

BuyMeOnce highlights society’s throwaway culture and casts the spotlight on sustainable products and living. Buying for life has its advantages: it saves time and stress, saves money and saves the environment.

Founder and CEO Tara Button says, “How many of this year’s Christmas gifts will still be cherished in a year's time? What about five years? Five decades? What if we ditched the gimmicks and junk for meaningful, heirloom-quality gifts made to last a lifetime?”

The Christmas Gift Section is available on BuyMeOnce’s site and can be viewed here:

Logos, product pictures and headshots of Tara Button available on request.

BuyMeOnce Press enquiries: Tara Button,, +44 7901 961 332

About BuyMeOnce

Founder and CEO Tara Button started BuyMeOnce as a side project in 2013, plugging away at it in the evenings after work. In January of this year, the BuyMeOnce site launched and immediately went viral.

The site garnered press attention from all over the world and snagged features in the Telegraph, Times, Guardian, Daily Mail, Forbes, Time, Reuters and CNBC. BuyMeOnce also piqued the interest of serial Silicon Valley investor Ashton Kutcher, who declared his love for the idea behind the website on social media.

After the site’s media success, Tara promptly quit her day job in advertising to fulfill her mission to help save the planet. BuyMeOnce researches and recommends clothing, footwear, bags, accessories, sports and leisure equipment, beauty products, kitchenware, toys and tools that are built to last.

They find their products by asking:
• Is this product made in a way or out of certain materials that makes it more durable than its competitors?
• Do the reviews of the products confirm durability compared with other products?
• Could we say this product is “best in show” in terms of durability compared with other products?
• Is the manufacturing ethical, and if possible, is it made of sustainable materials?
• What aftercare do the manufactures offer? Priority is given to those with a “no quibble” or full lifetime warranty.
• Is this product “classic” or does its look or function mean that it might go out of style quickly?

The BuyMeOnce team is busy expanding the business internationally and working on a new website to be launched early 2017.

Tara was recently invited to be a keynote speaker at Reuse Conex, an environmental conference held in Boston last month, and she has been inspiring the advertising world with a series of talks about how advertising and marketing can be used for good.

There was recently a bidding war for Tara's book about the BuyMeOnce philosophy. The book, provisionally titled "For Keeps: The life-changing art of buying for life" will be released spring 2018 and will be published by HarperCollins.

Tara is represented by Curtis Brown for speaking and TV appearances and by Zachary Shuster Harmsworth Literary Agency.

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About BuyMeOnce

Challenging our throwaway culture, we find the things that REALLY last. Plus tips on sustainable living & challenging planned obsolescence. CEO Tara Button

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