Mrs Wendy Otterburn-Hall, outgoing Headteacher of Halley Primary School, in Tower Hamlets, London, is handing over the reigns to a new Headteacher and wants to go out on a high by launching a 100 School Sponsorship which will enable 100 schools to experience the unique Handwriting Scheme that she has rolled out throughout her school.

Mrs Otterburn-Hall is inviting all schools in the Tower Hamlets, Dagenham, East London and Greater London area to join her and the Halley Primary School Literacy Team for a cup of tea and a slice of cake on the afternoon of the 19th March, to share their experience of a unique handwriting scheme that has ensured every child in the school is not only writing well, holding a pencil correctly and confidently delivering the expected outcomes set out by Ofsted for Handwriting in all primary schools but is also loved by both teachers and pupils alike because all the lessons are delivered by a child called Hannah-Jane who is digitally streamed onto the Interactive Whiteboard of each classroom.

Mrs Sharon Meredith-Ford, Literacy Lead at Halley Primary says, "Now, more so than ever before, evidence based learning and handwriting is raising the children's attainment to show Working At Greater Depth and Exceeding Expectations in Handwriting at Halley Primary, Tower Hamlets, London, E14 7SS. We want to share best practice with all the primary schools in our local education authority and the Greater London area so that they can all achieve what we are so easily achieving with our children!"

The Halley Team will be presenting:

How to improve handwriting to boost your Ofsted rating and ensure EVERY child is holding a pencil correctly, writing legibly, fluently and confidently from Reception through to Year 6.

How to Improve the Assessment and Moderation of Handwriting for Planning and delivery of a School Wide Handwriting Strategy.

To show Literacy Teams whether their pupils are meeting the Standards & Testing Agency’s Expected Outcomes for Handwriting for KS1 and KS2 and how to plan a Handwriting Strategy which will ensure they do.

How to ensure all your pupils are Working At Greater Depth in Handwriting KS1 and KS2!

How to put a Handwriting Intervention in place for those pupils still Working Towards the Expected Standards for Handwriting KS1/KS2? Breakaway Handwriting Groups and how to support children who have potential barriers to writing well - how to negate the barriers to writing well in a positive and gentle way that encourages legibility, fluency and confidence.

How to know what “good” handwriting looks like and how to assess it.

The Assessment and Moderation of Handwriting, using an Evidence Based Assessment Toolkit and the resulting Hard Data it delivers for Planning a Handwriting Strategy for each Pupil, Class, Year Group and even a School Wide Handwriting Strategy.

Mrs Wendy Otterburn-Hall, Headteacher, and Mrs Sharon Meredith-Ford, Literacy Lead and KS1 Team Leader, will be:

Showing how Halley Primary School is meeting the Standards & Testing Agency’s handwriting requirements;

Introducing #A Write Good Gift 2018 Handwriting Sponsorship of 100 Primary Schools (Reception/Early Years Depts) - All interested schools are welcome to come see Start-Bee in action at Halley Primary School and to ask the Literacy Team any questions about the assessment of handwriting and the unique teaching of handwriting;

Talking about how the school is using the the Start-Bee Handwriting Intervention Programme for pupils flagged up as requiring an Intervention, using the Handwriting Match Fit Assessment;

Revealing the outstanding results the school has achieved with the Start-Bee Handwriting Programmes;

Mrs Meredith-Ford will also present the resulting Hard Data from Halley Primary's Baseline Handwriting Match Fit Assessment, rolled out across KS1 before they started using the Start-Bee Handwriting Programmes and how any Literacy Team can deliver the Handwriting Assessment painlessly to plan a Handwriting Strategy for each pupil and a School Wide Handwriting Strategy too.

The Standard & Testing Agency’s interim assessment in relation to handwriting requires, for the end of Key Stage 1, that every letter is formed using the correct starting and finishing point. However, this isn’t possible with many of the fonts being used in school today. With a lack of guidance coming from governmental departments, Halley Primary's Literacy Team aims to fill in the gaps and share best practice to help other schools overcome any problems or concerns affecting the teaching of handwriting in primary schools today.

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