Oscar Murray (aged 7) who beat hundreds of other children in a competition in May to become the Chief Imagination Officer at Naturelly has recently completed his first mission. He has written and directed an advert for the multi-award winning kids snack brand.

Titled “Naturelly Brilliant for Aliens and Eartlings”. The animation has allowed Oscar to showcase his creativity, imagination and personal ambition of becoming a space food blogger and critic.

Starring himself and British Astronaut Tim Peake they both encounter aliens on the International Space station, squirt Naturelly on them before encouraging them to “Get their Wiggle on”. You can see the video on twitter here (

Dean Dempsey Founder and Chief Inventor comments: ‘We are on a mission to inspire children to have fun and live healthier whilst encouraging them to be entrepreneurial and enterprising. Oscar has created an ad that most advertising agency creative directors would be proud of in fact many are well jell!”

Other key responsibilities that Oscar has undertaken includes attending 2-3 informal Facetime/Skype meetings a year including one Junior Board Meeting and to ensure that the Naturelly Family has a creative and adventurous spirit.

Naturelly is an all-natural fun and fruity refreshing juicy jelly snack made with scrumptious fruit juice and a special gelatine free wibbly jelly. This juicy jelly naturally helps fill up little tummies until meal time and helps stop those cravings for sugary snacks after school or nursery. The delicious blend of fruit juice and the natural dietary fibre, Gellan gum makes it a refreshing hunger buster and is proving a huge hit with kids and parents having recently won Gold for best Children’s Snack in this year’s Loved by Children Awards and Platinum for Best Children’s Dessert in this year’s Loved by Parent Awards.

Vital Stats:

• No added sugar or sweeteners

• 100% of the RDI of vitamin C

• Only 36 kcal per pouch
• Gelatin-free (vegetarian and vegan society approved)
Perfect for vegans, vegetarians and children who follow a religious diet
• Special natural filling jelly to keep children fuller for longer

Naturelly is available from Boots, Ocado, Holland & Barrett and Wholefoods Market in three delicious flavours: Totally Tropical, Summer Fruits and Apple and Blackcurrant. Naturelly Jelly Juice (100g) - RRP £1.

For more information, images, products to review or a chance to speak to the Naturelly brilliant family behind the brand please contact Dean Dempsey, Contact Number: 07976 703153 Email:

Notes to the Editor
Naturelly Jelly Juice is free from gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts and gelatine and is suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs disease sufferers. It has been approved by the vegetarian society, coeliac society and is school compliant. Gellan Gum is a natural dietary fibre found in Lilly Plants. Naturelly recently won Platinum for Best Children's Dessert Loved by Parent awards. A percentage of profits from every pouch sold is given to the charity Hope for Children. Naturelly is made in Britain.

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Naturelly is a fun and refreshing juicy jelly snack. Gelatine Free, No added sugar or sweeteners, only 36kcal & Added vitamins, Vegetarian, Vegan & Coeliac.