This year’s ‘Organise Your Home Day’ is not just an awareness day for bespoke cleaners Purity First.

The company wants to use the day to highlight some of their top tips for the best cleaning outcomes.

Co-Director Adriana Brigova said: “If someone is thinking of hiring a cleaner there are a number of things they should take into account before the project can begin.

“One of the first things to work out is the type of task a client wants our cleaners to undertake and to prioritise them. Some jobs require specialist cleaners; so the earlier we know about that the better. Similarly, knowing how regularly they want the work done is important early on too, as it allows us to ensure we have the staff to cover the project.”

Along with the above Adriana recommends that in advance of working with a cleaning company clients should: agree an amount of time to spend on the project and ensure that the company is insured and that cleaners are trained.

Adriana added: “For us it is very important that our clients feel safe and in control of what is happening in their homes all the time."

With over five year’s experience in the industry, co-director Adriana Brigova and her team have been able to secure a number of larger contracts, but remain committed to providing value for money and an excellent service for all their clients.

She said: "Our team of cleaners can be on site at any hour, which affords us the ability to work around the needs and schedules of clients.”

The London-based cleaning business works with both commercial and domestic clients. Their services include oven, upholstery and carpet cleaning.

For more information about Purity First you can contact Co-Director Adriana Brigova on 020 3633 4881 or email

You can also visit their website at

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About Purity First Ltd

Purity First Ltd is a specialist cleaning business based in London. We work with both commercial and domestic clients and our services include oven, upholstery and carpet cleaning.

Our team of expert cleaners can work around your needs and are even available to work through the night if needed.