Free and Open Source applications and services are now well represented and available through the eighth iteration of the UK Government’s G-Cloud framework after OpusVL joined the platform in partnership with Bramble Hub.

The Open Source specialist, which has been working closely with the public sector to implement Open Source technology have also been supporting new methods of acquisition, specifically the custodian model. OpusVL has been listed on the G-Cloud platform for the last few years providing services around Odoo ERP, but has increased its listing to cover four core areas of public sector business improvement.

The move follows an influx of projects OpusVL has delivered to the public sector. In addition to recently releasing Flexibase, the building blocks to the NHS England’s Code4Health programme, OpusVL has also been actively involved in the Open eObs programme, an Open Source application that helps identify, prevent and reduce patient deterioration. The company has also created, a Bootstrap solution which can take the Gov.UK website theme created by the Government Digital Service (GDS) and reproduce it quickly when designing and building public sector websites.

G-Cloud 8 is the latest version of the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace, designed to streamline the procurement process for UK public sector organisations. It represents the latest advancement of G Cloud 7, a framework of a pre-approved list of suppliers that allows public organisations to find, compare, and source services online. There are now over 2,500 suppliers, with total sales of £1.2 billion through the Digital Marketplace since its launch in 2012.

Stuart J Mackintosh, Managing Director of OpusVL, said that, although more could be done to improve the public sector procurement process for Open Source solutions, the government’s G-Cloud network is an important framework for OpusVL to continue to offer free and open solutions to public sector organisations.

He commented: “For OpusVL, a business which has a long history delivering Open Source applications, being on G-Cloud 8 is an important strategic move. It opens up the supplier market for the public sector and allows organisations to overcome challenges surrounding budgetary restraints, service efficiency, and innovation.

“There is still some work to be done to make it easier for public sector organisations to acquire Open Source Software, but by being listed on G-Cloud through Bramble Hub, OpusVL is doing everything possible to facilitate the process.”

Roland Cunningham, Bramble Hub’s Partner Director, said: “Bramble Hub was created to enable high quality SME suppliers to offer their services to government and the wider public sector. We welcome OpusVL to the scheme, and recognise the company as a trusted and respected public sector technology sector.”

Bramble Hub specialises in helping ICT companies secure public sector contracts through UK Government frameworks, by connecting the best suppliers with public sector contracts.

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