Open data has the potential to breed an entirely new generation of online content, products and industries, as well as promoting democracy in a digital age according to Craig Somerville, Director of London-based digital agency Reload Digital.

Somerville calls the rapid democratisation of data a potential “opening of the floodgates when it comes to innovative new commercial opportunities.”

“Governments, industries and even private companies around the world are making moves to open up their databases, to the benefit of entrepreneurs, communities and not-for-profits. We are beginning to see a crowdsourced approach to social and business challenges.”

Open Data initiatives around the world are growing, and the flow on effects are evident as new products and services breed further developments.

“If you think of how many products and services a tool like Google Maps has spawned, from ride-share apps to health alerts, you start to realise that if we make data even more open and accessible, the possibilities are endless.”

These initiatives can be in the form of websites, apps, online & offline services or simply new ways of utilising someone else’s data to produce great content.

“We’re also seeing content producers using this data to create richer, more interesting content that makes it more digestible for everyone. Take for instance the Australian Government, who created an iPhone game where you run your town using actual Census data.”

“Entrepreneurial problem solvers also have the ability to create services or even entire industries by identifying needs within a market segment or community.”

“That’s when we’ll see new and exciting products come to the fore like never before.”

With so many possibilities, open data has much of the digital and business community excited by the possibilities.

For further comment on the business and political impacts of open data contact:

Craig Somerville
Director, Reload Digital UK.
020 7734 8273

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