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Esther Stanhope - The Impact Coach (who gives you extra oomph!)

On International Women’s Day The Impact Guru is campaigning for women to go for more senior roles.

08 March 2018 09:30


Esther Stanhope is an international speaker, impact guru and former live BBC producer dedicated to helping women become more confident and charismatic in business.

“A male junior in a bank will look at a job description and if they believe they can execute around 50% of the criteria on the job spec, they will take a punt and work on the 50% believing, I can do. But it’s a different story altogether for women,” says Esther Stanhope.

According to experienced head hunter Maria Aldous, who works closely with Esther, “More senior women, with materially more experience, will look at that same job spec and think that if they don’t fit more than 70% of the criteria, there’s no way they will putting themselves forward for it.”

Stanhope and Aldous see the reticence of women to adopt the same confidence as men in applying for roles as a critical factor in the gender gap at boardroom level. ‘Without an extensive pipeline of career progressing women, bridging the gap at senior level will continue to be a challenge,’ claims Stanhope.

On International Women’s Day, they challenge business women in the City to step outside their comfort zones and back their judgment. ‘All too often we hear stories in the major banks and the top tier accountancy firms of male employees winning promotion, with their female colleagues claiming to be left with the ‘hard work’’ claims Esther Stanhope.

‘Experience tells us that women respond well to mentoring and coaching programmes in building their work based confidence,’ reports Maria Aldous.
Targeting a 25% increase in the number of prospective female leaders, to recognise International Women’s Day, the impact Guru is offering a 25% discount to all women enrolling on to the ‘How to get your dream Promotion’ programme with the code dreampromo25

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About Esther Stanhope - The Impact Coach (who gives you extra oomph!)

A former 'Live' BBC Producer, Esther's helped big personalities, international celebrities, and politicians radiate charisma & quickly engage with an audience (She's interviewed the likes of Madonna, George Clooney, and Alistair Campbell). She now helps global organisations win new business by bringing personality to their pitches and presentations. Clients include Deloitte, HSBC, Barclays, International law firm Squire Patton Boggs, FirstGroup and Mumsnet.

Esther also speaks at company away days, conferences and Women's Networking events. about personal impact, confidence and charisma. She's a regular at Mumsnet Workfest - helping women get their Mojo back when they want to get back to work and she's inspired 100's of women in business to raise their profile by speaking in front of audiences.
Check her out on Ch4's Celebrity Wife Swap

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