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Nicola Whiteford PR

Norfolk Couple Launch Ultra-Premium English Vodka in Bid to Corner the Market

31 March 2016 16:15


If you're searching for the smoothest and purest English vodka imaginable, then look no further because Wild Knight® Ultra-Premium English Vodka has arrived.

Ready to shake up the vodka market, Wild Knight® Ultra-Premium English Vodka is single-distilled by hand in small batches, using the finest English barley grown in Norfolk and water drawn from the ancient chalk aquifers that run under Eastern England.

Described by some as 'liquid silk', Wild Knight English Vodka is a smooth, soft and slightly sweet vodka with a long finish that can be enjoyed with food or over ice. It's also just as delicious sipped at room temperature!

Developed by husband and wife team, Matt and Steph Brown, whose love affair with vodka began at a family wedding in Mongolia, Wild Knight English Vodka will only ever be served in its pure form: no gimmicks, no flavours. Instead the brand focuses on creating the very best and purest product possible: a vodka aimed at those seeking a drink to savour, rather than guzzle. The ultimate vodka! And the name? Wild Knight encapsulates a spirit of adventure and the heritage of England.

“With Wild Knight we're hoping to rekindle the nation's love affair with vodka in the same way that gin has been reinvented in recent years,” explains Matt Brown. “We want people to enjoy our vodka in its purest form and recognise the qualities and flavours that can come from an ultra-premium vodka, in the same way they would savour a good whiskey. It's time for English vodka to make its mark and we hope to be at the very forefront of that revolution.”

WildKnight® Ultra-Premium English Vodka is available to retailers and the on-trade. For more information contact Steph or Matt on 01366 32 70 70, email or visit

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