ON official Prince Day in Minnesota, URBAN RE’TR’EATS IN is setting the scene for a new kind of night out - where the dress code is yoga pants. Be there for the launch of this new trend in socials with a fresh & funky Prince style dose of well-being - Saturday June 18th, 8.30 - 11pm at BGM Recording Studios, EC1.

Dress them up or down, this is an evening where the dress code is whatever you might want to call 'YOUR' yoga pants - anything without belts, buckles, buttons, that's not tight around the waistline, and that you can get a full leg stretch in. It might be, but it doesn't have to be, the psychedelic skinny style!

This new style in well-being events is born out of a creative flow between mindful yoga teacher, Allison Hunter, and naturopathic nutritionist, Sharon Gardner. June 18th is the first in a series of many more #NightsOutinYogaPants and other workplace pop ups, all designed to create a feeling of flow between work, rest ’n play.

Each event has its own fresh & funky theme. The PURPLE ENERGY SHOT theme, taking from the ultimate energetic flow that is Prince, is the first example of this nourishing 'eats and being' team's take on well-being .

First and foremost, it's a fun social for soaking up a really great vibe - classic purple and a lesser known slow and jazzy Prince - moving well, thinking well, eating well and getting into the habit of being in flow - like the prolific purple master himself.

"Everyone wants a regular dose of well-being in their lives but it so often gets knocked out of the schedule by work and other demands ," explains Sharon, the sneaky snacks specialist on the URBAN RE'TR'EATS IN team.

"So, the idea of a #NightOutinYogaPants is to create that one-stop weekend slot where you can dose up on re-energising exercise and healthy eating, as well as your social and letting go moment all at the same time."

"IT'S URBAN, and it’s a RE’TR’EAT all at the same time," added co-founder Allison who leads the mindful mat moments. "Tr’EAT’ing’ yourself to some time out, to some fit and healthy fun and to some deeply nourishing ’EAT’s for your mind, body and staying well and in flow - even in the heart of the city!"

Come and experience this new trend in nights out for yourself and be among the first to hashtag #NOYP-Night Out in Yoga Pants.

Your invitation is attached with full details. As this is an intimate affair with limited space in the recording studio pop up venue, RSVP is as essential as yoga pants! Let us know if you would be interested in an interview with some of our guests about their experience of this new approach to a night out.

Current social video soundbites for more insights:

Notes for Editors -
For more information contact either of the co-founders
Allison Hunter, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, - 07519 437550
Sharon Gardner, Naturopathic Nutritionist, - 07758 117577

URBAN RE'TR'EATS IN provide 1-Day retreats with a uniquely urban vibe, and workplace programmes which combine the art of therapeutic exercise and food for a mind, body and soul connection.

Your hosts in yoga pants (photo available on the URBAN RETREATS IN Journolink Profile)
Allison & Sharon

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URBAN RE’TR’EATS IN is the child of connection-powered by Sharon the Naturopath at and Alli the Yoga Teacher at We run 1-Day retreats, with a uniquely urban vibe, as well as workplace programmes which combine the art of therapeutic exercise and food for mind, body and soul connection.

Our mission was born in an instant when we first crossed paths. It instinctively created itself out of the sense of connection between us, and the flow of energy.
We worked together so seamlessly it was as if we were working as one.
Our mission became simple - to share the formula for creating that flow with others, whether at work, rest or play.

IT'S URBAN, and it’s a RE’TR’EAT all at the same time.
‘TR’EAT’ING’ yourself to some time out.
To some fit and healthy fun.
To some deeply nourishing ’EAT’s for your mind, body and soul. To time to re-connect with yourself and with the many good souls around you.
To the art of therapeutic exercise.
To the insights to staying well and in flow - anytime, anyplace, even in the heart of the city!