Sonic Sheds, Urban Fantasy Gardens, Floating Buildings and a Pop-up restaurant designed to look like an aircraft cabin. These are just some of the unusual projects, Architect Nicholas Kirk has delivered over the last decade. And whilst you might think that many (if not all) of these projects sounds like whimsical public artworks with no real utilitarian value – the concepts and the creativity behind them could dictate - not just the future of public spaces, but also the design of your next home.

According to the Office of National Statistics, the population of the UK grew by almost 500,000 last year and it’s estimated that in London alone, 40,000 new homes will need to be built every year just to keep up with demand. That means space is going to be at a premium. New homes are going to get smaller, plot locations are going to become more varied and plot shapes are going to become more irregular as we try to squeeze everything in.

And the more challenging a plot becomes, the more creative thinking is needed to turn every inch of space into something that is both usable and enjoyable. Enter Nicholas Kirk - whose skill-set and imagination have been called upon to bring the most awkward spaces, in the most unexpected locations to life. “It’s all about exploring the microscopic details that make a place unique” claims Nicholas. “Instead of seeing plot idiosyncrasies as a challenge to the build, we need to be celebrating them as opportunities for expression and individuality”.

The rising tide of bland, box-like city dwellings is a sore talking point for Nicholas who believes that we all patrons to the landscape around us and it is our responsibility to ensure its integrity for future generations. “Its such a shame that constraints on space or budget become an excuse for a lack of creativity” he says, “rich or poor, everyone is entitled to good design. Let’s not let it become the sole preserve of the elite”.

It’s a refreshing perspective and one that needs to be adopted across the industry if our cities are to remain dynamic and positive social spaces as the pressures of a growing population mount.


This article can be used freely for onward publication. For further information on the article and any of the projects mentioned, contact Nicholas Kirk on 0203 290 5033 / 07905 315 696 or email Nicholas directly at

About Nicholas Kirk Architects

Nicholas Kirk Architects is committed to delivering excellent architecture, artworks and installations for public and private clients. Experts in developing ideas and concepts inspired by context and culture with the aim to exceed expectations at every opportunity.

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