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Fairfield Farm Crisps

New 'Tortillas' Join the Fairfields Farm Crisp Range

06 February 2017 15:17


Artisan crisp company, Fairfields Farm, is set to add some Mexican flavour to the snack aisle with the launch of its new 'Tortillas'.

Continuing its new product development, Essex-based crisp producer, Fairfields Farm, is about to enter the maize snack sector for the first time with its new Tortillas. Up until now the tortilla crisp market has been dominated by large brands, so Fairfields Farm is hoping to bring a touch of luxury to this sector of the snack market.

Available in two flavours, Nacho Cheese and Jalapeño & Lime, the new Tortillas are made to the same high standard as its hand-cooked crisps and aim to appeal to those looking for a high quality tortilla chip that is full of crunch and flavour.

“At Fairfields Farm we are always looking at new areas of the snack market that will allow us to increase our market share and appeal to a broader range of consumers,” explains Robert Strathern, founder of Fairfields Farm.

“Our new Tortillas are an excellent extension to our range and one that our customers have been asking for. There's a real need for a higher quality range of tortilla chip and we are very excited for people to try them,” he adds.

The Tortillas, which will join Fairfield Farm's range of hand-cooked potato, vegetable and lentil crisps, are now available in delis and farm shops, pubs, bars and cafes. Available in 125g bags, RSP £1.50. Tortillas are suitable for vegetarians.

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About Fairfield Farm Crisps

Third generation potato farmer and maker of artisan hand-cooked crisps. Based in Essex.

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