Skillsarena, the Chelmsford-based online talent management solutions provider has announced that they have added new assessments to their suite of online skills tests. One brand new assessment is Call Centre Audio that falls under the Call Centre Module; the other assessments are upgrades to existing tests, focusing on data entry, audio typing and speed typing and fall under the popular Clerical suite- enhancing the module further.

Call Centre Audio
The new Call Centre Audio test is the latest addition to the Call Centre Module, complementing the other assessments such as Customer Service (scenario based) and Call Centre Advanced that are already available. It measures a candidate’s ability to identify and record key points from an audio recording of typical telephone conversations that they would receive in a Call Centre environment. They are required to input the answers to the specific fields of data from the conversations.
Candidates will be measured for their speed and accuracy, allowing you to see if they have the potential to succeed in the job role available.

Data Entry
The improved Data Entry assessment offers a wider choice of industry sectors within which the context of the test can be based. The Data Entry tests are ideal for assessing candidates who could potentially be in any number of administrative roles within any of the sectors now available for measurement.
It measures their ability to enter data quickly and accurately over a continuous, set amount of time. This test also offers the option for questions to be printed rather than viewed on screen, if this is a more appropriate method of testing for the role.
If ‘Call Centre’ is selected then there are also options for different levels. Candidates will listen to a Call Centre conversation which at Fundamental level will be a short conversation, Core level is a mixture of short and long, and Professional are long conversations.

You can now select any of the following situations:
Call Centre
Parcel Depot
Housing Association
Online Retailer
Factory Data

Speed Typing
In addition to the existing Speed Typing test Skillsarena already offer whereby candidates copy text onto the screen from a printed document, they now have a new variation whereby inputting text can be measured when copied from screen to screen. This was developed due to popular demand and the ever-changing nature of the workplace.
For roles such as Administrators, Personal Assistants and Secretaries, the need to accurately copy text from both a paper-based format and copying text presented on a screen will be prevalent, therefore both variations of test are ideal for measuring these essential skills. Not only does the test measure accuracy of the data input, as the title suggests it also measure the speed at which the candidate can type the information.
The Speed Typing (Screen-based) test is based on scenarios the candidate may be presented with in real life within the role, based on several different topics that are available:
Customer service

Audio Typing Test
The Audio Typing Test has also had an upgrade including a change of questions as well as the data presented for input, to keep up with changing needs from our customers and new ways of measuring the skillset needed for these roles.
The Audio Typing test is ideal for any role where an employee would be required to type documents from a transcript or other forms of audio. For the management speed typing and audio tests, candidates are presented with a team email to type. If Customer Service skills are being measured, then the candidate must write a customer complaint response. If the subject is advertorial or sport related, candidates are presented with a general piece of copy around the specific subject in question and will be required to write this.

Skillsarena are excited to enhance their customer experience with their skills tests by adding these updates to the testing suite. If you’re recruiting for administrative roles, get in contact to find out which of the tests will help you to accurately assess candidates and pick the best person to fill your vacancy. For further information on any of the upgraded tests or the new Call Centre Audio test, then feel free to get in touch- give Vicki a call on 0203 693 2201.
To see all the skill testing assessments Skillsarena offer please visit our skill testing homepage.

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About Skillsarena

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