Cannon Moorcroft are the latest sponsors of, supporting their vision of changing the future of giving in the UK. As Cannon Moorcroft assist the third sector in this pioneering and highly-effective way, it perhaps heralds the start of increased co-operation between the business world and the third sector. Cannon Moorcroft’s sponsorship also challenges the norm - proving that any business, despite its size and nature, can truly help the third sector.

Cannon Moorcroft, Chartered Accountants based in High Wycombe, are the latest business to support and its bigger vision. is the only UK fundraising site which doesn’t charge charities any fees whatsoever, whilst others (including JustGiving) charge charities up to 6.3% in fees. It is with the support of businesses, such as Cannon Moorcroft, that charities can receive every last penny of every donation at The sponsorship perhaps also indicates an increasing involvement of the business community in the third sector. Cannon Moorcroft prove that no matter the size of the business, it’s possible to support the third sector in a powerful and practical way. Long gone are the occasional office fundraising events - instead sponsoring Make a Donation permits businesses to potentially help thousands of charities at the same time.

How is this possible? works with the business community so that businesses effectively pay the fees usually charged to charities. This allows charities to receive 100% of their donations and businesses have the pleasure of making this possible. Not only do Cannon Moorcroft have the ability to continue supporting their favourite local charity, but they will also be enabling any charity in the world to fundraise fee-free at Therefore, Cannon Moorcroft are helping both their local and wider community in a highly effective manner. Their sponsorship has an even greater effect too - they are helping Make a Donation move forward in their vision to change the way giving is paid for in the UK. believes that charging charities fees on donations is wrong and their platform proves that it’s not necessary, with sponsors such as Cannon Moorcroft only substantiating this. David Finch, CEO of, comments ‘As more businesses, fundraisers and charities get involved with, fees on donations and sponsorship for charities will become a thing of the past.’ We need to enter a new age of donating where businesses, charities and fundraisers work together as a community, something which is already happening at James Moorcroft, Director at Cannon Moorcroft, adds ‘We are really pleased to be involved with Make a Donation and think it’s great that every £1 of our support enables charities to raise another £15, totally free of charges.’

Cannon Moorcroft’s sponsorship heralds a new era for business - one where not only is social responsibility key to business success, but one where the effects of even a small business’s social responsibility can touch a much larger community. Together, Cannon Moorcroft and are changing perceptions and provoking change, both in the business world and in the third sector.

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Make a Donation is the only UK fundraising & crowd-funding site where 100% of your donations goes to the charity. Whilst other fundraising sites (including JustGiving) charge up to 6.3% in fees, Make a Donation doesn’t charge charities any fees whatsoever and never will.

Make a Donation is so passionate about fee-free fundraising that it even pays the bank transaction charges for charities - saving a further 1.7% per donation on average, something that no other fundraising site does.

Our vision is to change the future of giving in the UK - we strive for a world where fees for charities are non-existent.

How is this possible? It’s with the help of the business community - whether it’s through sponsorship, an affiliate or a monthly subscription, our business partners help us pay all fees for charities.

Our business partners also help us reward the generosity of our donors and fundraisers by offering exclusive discounts for their brands.

In return, Make a Donation works with these businesses to improve their social responsibility, connect with their communities, enhance their brand and promote their offers to our community.

Make a Donation offers a simple, effective solution which benefits all involved. We call it #morethanjustgiving