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Skillsarena, the Chelmsford-based online talent management solutions provider has today announced the release of its brand new personality profiling product ‘Character DNA’. This tool is incredibly quick to complete, cost effective and simple to interpret. Often referred to as a ‘psychometric test’, it is highly complementary to the company’s existing range of online talent management tools.

Skillsarena specialises in providing online solutions to a wide range of industries which help with the selection, development and retention of talented staff. Character DNA is a powerful profiling tool that shows how personality drives aspects of an individuals’ behaviour. When used as part of the recruitment process, profiling provides valuable insight enabling employers to assess how well a candidate would fit into an existing team and perform in a given role.

Although important during the recruitment process, Jason Pierce, Skillsarena Managing Director added ‘Personality profiling is an important part of the recruitment process, but it is also hugely beneficial when used within companies and teams, to allow individuals to better understand how one another works and communicates to work together effectively. It allows you to value each other’s’ differences, understand everyone in the team and improve working relationships’.

Using an online platform, Skillsarena’s Character DNA asks participants to grade sets of words to identify the traits which best and least describe their personalities. A report is then generated in simple, everyday language which shows an overview of personal style, strengths, development points and the most effective and ineffective communication methods. When an entire team completes a Character DNA profile, each individual is positioned on a ‘Team wheel’ to clearly show where each person fits. By also providing a description of how each personality type likes to interact, this can improve workplace communication.

The profile is quick and straight-forward to set up, and delivers a simple, clear personality summary, with customised chapters to fully understand the different traits measured. No training is required to interpret the results as with many other psychometric products, and a typical report can be read and absorbed in three minutes.

For further information please visit www.skillsarena.com/psychometrics. For notifications relating to new product launches please sign up to our news feed on http://skillsarena.com/sign-receive-our-newsletter/

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About Skillsarena

Skillsarena is based in Chelmsford, Essex and was established in 2001. It is a family-run company headed by Managing Director, Jason Pierce.
The business specialises in helping organisations with recruitment selection challenges and training needs analysis by providing online skills tests, and other online tools including a learning management system and personality profiling to measure candidate and staff ability.
Skillsarena products are aimed at helping the entire recruitment process from selection to outplacement, bringing together the tools, systems and services to deliver a complete service.
The company has a national, non-sector specific client base covering a wide variety of industry sectors including recruitment, healthcare, retail, utilities, defence, housing, professional services, education and telecommunications.
All products, test modules and training are developed in the UK.