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New Online Platform Brings Social Edge to Wearable Fitness Tech Trend

03 March 2016 14:15


Healthy living is propelled into the tech epoch this summer, with the launch of an online web service for all users of wearable health and fitness trackers. Visualised as a platform for people to connect, share and compare, weActiv is reimagining the way people visualise exercise. With the final project nearing completion, the weActiv team is calling on the help of fellow fitness buffs to raise £5,000 via a Kickstarter campaign . The investment will be used add additional device manufacturers to the growing list that weActiv supports. In addition, development of a cutting edge mobile app to increase the reach of the service to other connected devices and put the weActiv platform in the palm of users hands.

From anywhere, on any device, at any time, weActiv connects friends, family and colleagues on one central platform. Thanks to the next generation in-house technology, weActiv users are able to link fitness data from almost any type or brand of device to a single account. From Fitbits to Jawbones, Microsoft Bands to Moov Nows and Garmins to the trending Smart Watch devices, users can seamlessly link multiple fitness devices via the cloud or direct upload to weActiv’s servers. This solves a key issue currently encountered by groups of fit enthusiasts who have purchased different devices or opted for opposing branded products. Already, the weActiv web based service has been hailed as an innovation in activity monitoring and fitness gadget convergence.

Regardless of OS, weActiv supports accessibility across computing devices. Furthermore, the platform facilitates interaction across different devices, which means users can gain accurate insight into their activity levels, even when using more than one fitness band. Through a single account, users are able to link devices in order to review personal health and fitness statistics. The platform can then be used to connect, share and compare with other users or create your own private communities between friends or family etc.

“The wearable fitness trend is rapidly gaining momentum, and people definitely aren’t limiting themselves to one device. weActiv exists to support the multi-device movement, and ensure that all activities can be tracked and monitored, regardless of whether or not exercisers own one or several different technologies,” says Joseph Powell – Founder of weActiv “But it’s not just for advanced users with multiple technologies, there’s a foundational need within groups of friends or competitive families to share their fit data with each other. With so many devices on the market and everyone having different price limits or existing smart devices, it’s unlikely data will be compatible. Our service universally serves this problem allowing a genuine technology data convergence via the weActiv platform.”

For fitness classes, groups and gyms, weActiv provides a unique opportunity to create dynamic online communities. Coaches, gym operators and group leaders can use the platform to review coaching and fitness plans, source feedback, improve personal fitness plans and encourage participants to connect, share and compare.

“By bringing a social edge to fitness, weActiv brings an element of healthy competition to every workout.” - Sam May, weActiv’s Usability Lead.

As a rapidly emerging market, the wearable health and fitness tracker sector is currently valued at over £375 million. Growth is only set to continue, with analysts predicting fit technology users to double and hit over 13.1 million users by the end of 2016. This is all without mentioning the private health sector implications a service like weActiv could provide to allow Doctors and fitness professionals to keep dedicated 24/7 tracking on their patient and client health.

To find out more about weActiv, and how the platform is helping people connect, share and compare on multiple devices, go to:

To support the Kickstarter campaign and join the weActiv revolution, go to:

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