Flux Botanicals is a natural, vegan beauty company on a mission: to make products to promote a happy, healthy balance and empower women on a global scale

Launched earlier this year, the skincare company was founded to help women find plant-based products that promote a happy, healthy balance for skin and inspire confidence in women around the world.

“I used to use up to 10 products a day because I thought it would make my skin better and then I’d feel better about myself,” says company founder, Laura Stackhouse. “Each product I used was marketed to a different skin type, because back then I could go from oily to Sahara desert dry in a matter days and I just never knew how my skin would react. I couldn’t understand it, that was until I started researching skin care and the ingredients in many commercial and store bought products. It turned out I was stripping my skin of its natural barrier; causing these dramatic swings, along with inflammation, acne, and just completely unbalanced skin. I knew there had to be a better way."

After taking a course in natural skincare formulation, Laura came across the many benefits of plant oils and botanical extracts, and the amazing effect just simple ingredients could have on skin. “I quickly ditched the products I was using and drastically reduced my beauty bag. I ended up whittling down my skincare routine to a few gentle and simple products. It was then that my skin really changed for the better. After finding a routine that really worked I decided to share my creations with others, in the hope that other women would take back control of their skin (and confidence!) too."

Flux Botanicals has now launched two multipurpose and targeted treatments suitable for all women’s skin. The range focuses on getting women to a happy, healthy balance and consists of a 3-in-1 oil and 3-in-1 exfoliating grains, with plans to expand the range next year. The two products worked on their own or combined as a makeup remover, cleanser, toner, exfoliator, mask, and facial treatment.

Alongside its natural skincare products, the brand also focuses on empowering women to be more confident in the skin they’re in through their social media accounts, marketing, and blog. Hoping to be a more positive influence on customers, in an industry where many companies use women's insecurities to sell products.

“The beauty industry, much like the fitness industry, constantly uses our own insecurities against us to sell products,” says Laura. "We constantly see things in magazines, on tv, and in social media saying we need to look flawless when in reality no one is perfect and our skin constantly fluctuates. It’s like we are being set up for failure from the very start! Flux is about understanding and embracing our imperfections, saying it’s okay to have a bad skin day, and feeling more confident in the skin we’re in!"

In line with this mission, Flux Botanicals gives 2% of every sale to non-profits/charities empowering women and girls around the world. "I always wanted Flux to be an empowering brand for women, with a focus on building confidence and self-esteem in a beauty industry that often tries to make us feel bad about how we look. So it made sense to donate to organisations that support and empower females all around the world in even more incredible and life-transforming ways. We'll be starting small, but with time we'll be able to grow it into something really amazing!"

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Flux Botanicals is a plant-based skin care maker based in London and Essex. Our range of organic and natural products is handmade using plant oils, botanical extracts, and active ingredients. Our mission is to give you happy, healthy skin and more confidence in your own natural beauty.