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Manchester VapeMan

New NASTY JUICE CUHMAN range now in stock!

12 April 2018 18:30



Cushman, the top recognizable flavour of all series which successfully BOMB the market worldwide throughout the history– and everyone knows that. Right? The unique delicate taste of our tropical Mango fruit is so great will surely blow everyone’s mind.

Get ready rockstarrrrr !!! Cushman Series juices will let you sense combo of two fruits in one flavour AND bring you to the next level. It includes Banana, Strawberry and Grapes flavour. Lets go !!

The Cushman Series juices blend perfect sublime with the chosen fruits which make it fun and unique. This LEVEL UP combo flavour will undoubtedly give you the taste of explosion in your mouth sip you take. Dare to try?

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About Manchester VapeMan

Manchester’s number one vape shop, located in the city centre. We stock all Big American, Malaysian & UK brands. #VapingIsLife

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