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Students will soon be able to dramatically improve their language skills using a new language immersion platform.

Immerse, which allows students to engage with languages through real life content, including videos and news articles, will launch on September 19.

The online platform was started by three graduates from the University of Exeter: Will Liney, Jack Butler and Duncan Cowan.

Co-Director Will said: “With most of the world speaking English, students feel no need to learn a new language.

“I was in the same position- as a languages graduate I wasn’t motivated by what I was exposed to, so I decided to go and find content that genuinely interested me. When you are engaged in content, you learn more”

There are more than 4000 new articles and videos uploaded to the site every day, ensuring that users are always able to access fresh, exciting content.

Once logged in, users are able to update their preferences so they can get the content they are interested in, in the language they are learning.

Duncan said: “Having developed the platform for the past two years we have been running tests with institutions including Marlborough College and the University of Exeter.

“During the tests we handed out free pizza to the language students in return for them testing the site and providing feedback.

Now we are in a position to launch the new version of the platform, and it’s bigger and better than ever.”

The platform allows you to choose from a whole host of new film trailers, new songs, food recipes or just simply news articles to read.

Jack added: “All the experts say that one of the best ways to learn a new language is through immersing yourself in authentic content. It is called Content Based Instruction.

“By using Immerse you can do that very thing. As you read more articles and watch more videos you begin to pick up more of the language.”

According to the three friends this initial launch is just the start. They believe that there are a number of possible upgrades that could develop the platform further, from sharing features to the mobile app!

Notes to Editor:

For Media comment and interviews contact Will on 07872899736 or email will@immerse-app.com

For more information about Immerse App visit www.immerse-app.com

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An immersive language learning app that personalises your learning experience through authentic and exciting content! Run by 3 recent graduates straight out of the University of Exeter. We are funking up the language learning space and giving students a chance to gain a wider understanding of not just the language they are learning but also the culture surrounding it!