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New household bills platform ensures users can grab their share of over £2 billion in savings.

05 January 2016 11:30


Onedox, the free online tool to help consumers manage their bills, is throwing down a 2016 challenge to the UK’s 27 million households. Sign up to the free Onedox service, and move your share of billions in unclaimed savings from the pockets of suppliers to the pockets of your household.

In line with the Government’s report in October that many households can save £200 a year on their energy bills by switching, research from Onedox goes one step further. By effectively managing all household bills they estimate the savings could be as much as £300 a year. Using Onedox, consumers are told exactly when they should switch to a new tariff and more importantly how much they could save.

Not only does Onedox just help with the cost savings though, it also helps keep track of a variety of household bills giving users complete transparency across their utilities. As a user you can see when your next MOT is due, your latest mobile statement as well as the right tariff to switch to to save money. Onedox supports a variety of household utilities including all major energy suppliers and mobile phone and internet providers to ensure users are saving as much as possible.

David Sheridan, Founder, says “Household bills collectively represent our biggest outgoings, however as consumers we waste billions on them by not having the correct information readily at our disposal. Onedox’s unique service is designed to give total transparency over household bills and make it easy for consumers to claim the savings they are entitled to”

When the system identifies that you could be saving money, you’ll receive an email to let you know that you have an action to take care of. You’re then taken through a really simple process of switching to a better deal of your choice.

David explains “When we first launched the platform, I signed my mother up for an account and linked her household accounts. I couldn't believe how much she was over paying, purely because she’d never been able to see all the information so clearly in one place. I now manage her bills for her and she's saved over £400 already.”

You can sign up for your Onedox account now at and start saving on your bills in 2016.


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Onedox was founded in October 2015 by David Sheridan (Commercial Director), Hugh Nimmo-Smith (Development Director) and Richard Lewis (Operations Director).

To find out more please watch this video that explains how to sign up for Onedox:

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Press Contacts

David Sheridan

Co-Founder & Commercial Director

Tel: 07540 572123


About Onedox

Looking after your household bills is a pain. They cost you a lot more time and money than they should.

Onedox securely and automatically collects your bills and works for you to ensure you never waste time or money on them again.

Onedox is a free, secure service that enables you to take control of your household bills.

It provides you with a clear, single view of your important household account and bill information across gas, electricity, TV, Internet, landline, mobile, MOT and road tax.

It enables you to ensure your household accounts are in good health and that you are always getting value for money.

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