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Business Enterprise Fund

New Fitness Lab Puts Leeds in a Spin

02 August 2015 11:30


Leeds has a new arrival on the fitness scene. BPM Bikelab has set to work in revolutionising health and fitness. Founders Jon Robinson and Jen Edwards-Robinson have set up a holistic health and wellbeing centre focussed round exercise bikes.

An air conditioned room holds rows of state of the art exercise bikes. The arc of the ceiling almost gives the impression of an aircraft hangar. As I take to the saddle and begin to peddle, Jon, who’s a sports scientist explains the readout on the screen. A live graph plotted on 4 axis updates itself with each pedal stroke with pinpoint accuracy.

“You need it to be in the shape of a peanut”, Jon says. As I adjust my pedalling to his instructions a scrunched up bunch of lines open out into a more rounded shape.

Since the Tour De France in 2014 cycling in Yorkshire has had a rebirth. Jon and Jen wanted the best possible gear to help seasoned cyclists improve and set beginners off to a good start. “If you read your heart rate and blood pressure you get the whole lot” Jen said.
Spinning is one of the best cardio activities to do Jon tells me. “It’s almost impossible to do it wrong or get injured.”

BPM Bikelab has cycling at the centre and offers classes to suit everyone’s need. Jon is a trained physiotherapist and incorporates the machines into the treatment of neck and back pain.

Sessions are available to combat obesity and type 2 diabetes, which are both on the rise in the UK; advanced riders are able to burn 1500 calories in a session! In the ‘ZenLab’ Jen focuses on meditation and physical exertion to help clients deal with mental wellbeing. “We want to work closely with the NHS, I think they need us!” she said.

“There isn’t enough time and resources to properly deal with ongoing physical and emotional pain that people have. We want to help and support them through that and know that spinning is a great way of doing it.”

Jon and Jen have only recently returned to the UK. Previously they ran a similar centre in Shanghai which won the prestigious TimeOut gym of the year award.

“There were 5 star gyms and spas up against us but what we did was different from the rest” Jon said. Ex pats were a big part of their client base and really appreciated the support and friendship found when living in a different country.

With the expected complications and delays of moving across the world they turned to the Business Enterprise Fund for a Start Up Loan to enable the purchase of the all-important spinning bikes.

“The loan has helped us get onto our feet, we didn’t think we’d need one at first but now we do we realise it’s not just the money.”
Investment Manager at BEF Julie Micklethwaite has been a sounding board for business ideas and they have worked together to raise the profile of BPM Bikelab.

Jon leads the way downstairs where he’s been dismantling the bar from the old club which used to be there. The space stretches further than expected and will soon house a gym space with equipment for yoga and physio. Their focus is to get the space fully finished and spread word on the street that a new kind of gym is in town.

Starting a new business can be a long and expensive process. The Business Enterprise Fund exists to provide finance and support to businesses when they need it most. Find out more today.
Find BPM Bikelab here:


Notes to Editors:

The Business Enterprise Fund provides loans from £500 to £150,000 to businesses that are unable to raise the finance they require from mainstream lenders. Lending up to 100% of the proposition across all sectors BEF has assisted over 2000 businesses since making its first loan in 2004.

Funding can be for all business needs including cash flow, assets and expansion plus those applicants with poor credit are also considered. In addition to their Bradford base, BEF operates from local offices in both York and Leeds and has recently expanded into the North East with an office in Darlington. In 2014 BEF has celebrated its 10th birthday.

The Business Enterprise Fund is a social enterprise and a Community Development Finance Institution, all our profits and reinvested in the company to further our social aims.

The Business Enterprise Fund, Devere House, Vicar Lane, Bradford, BD1 5AH

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