If home is where the heart is, JK Pike is home with a heart. They've joined the ranks of many other small business owners and launched a new campaign on IndieGoGo so that they can better share their sustainable furniture and ethically sourced home accessories to those who have come to love them and reach more of those who will. The company, whose base is in East London is alive with plans to expand to other areas, and all people of goodwill are requested to visit and fund the initiative.

According to the Managing Director, the small business project that has been in operation seeks the funds to enable them to expand their wide range of eco-friendly, fair-trade products in the market.
“We have been working towards this end in liaison with like-minded business ventures in pursuit of better community services,” she added.

In fact, JK Pike are known as one of the locally based businesses that try to ensure they keep to their social responsibility while providing quality home products at prices that leave something for everyone, according to a client they served in the past who had returned for another browse.

It is notable that the niche collection of rustic and vintage industrial pieces guaranteed to bring a new warmth and pleasure to the home as well as do something for the environment and community will be beneficial to many if the company gets the funding to expand as anticipated.

According to one staff member we had the chance to speak with, the venture still lacks a comprehensive range of professional services. For example, a photographer whose input with good product shots is needed to ensure that the merchandise is presented at its best to the clients.
“It is because of this that the company seeks funds to work on an expansion of its human resource base by getting qualified photographers to produce product & lifestyle pictures that can be displayed on the website and other media outlets,” she said.

As the market becomes diversified, it is clear that having an online presence alone is not enough. As we went to the company premises for the interviews, plans were also underway to establish a reliable physical store for the ethical home products. However, according to the Chief Financial Officer, “JK Pike Company requires an additional funding uplift to be able to set up these operational stores.”
In his estimates, “These brick stores need money for rental and equipment and some of the funding we seek will be utilized in this area to ensure that our customers can enjoy the best services as well.“

The furnishing company handlers hope that with the success of this initial funding on IndieGogo, they will have the boost to take their products to the next level by venturing into other areas where their reach remain limited.

As we went to press, the ethical home furnishings campaign was already live on IndieGoGo, and you are invited to visit and donate as it will not only help boost the company but spur growth in the community through the various social responsibility undertakings as well.

Additionally, people are encouraged to explore as they may just be lucky enough to come out with something nice for themselves while lending a helping hand.


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JK Pike is an East London home furnishings company who primarily works with local environmentally-conscious, socially responsible designers to bring the rustic and vintage industrial look to your home. We provide those who don't have time for DIY with quality furniture and home accessories at reasonable prices. Follow our blog or join us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for the latest announcements of pop-up store locations or exclusive savings.