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ICUK Computing Services Ltd

New domain extensions explode onto the namespace

17 April 2014 15:58


In the biggest expansion to the domain namespace since registration, web users will be able to choose from a huge variety of extensions included .diamonds, .technology and even .sexy.

The new domain extensions come courtesy of enom, and will see a surge in creative opportunities for businesses and individuals. No longer constrained by limited availability on traditional domain extensions, users will finally be able to claim the web address they need.

Paul Barnett, director of ICUK, said: “This expansion offers great new opportunities to people who missed out on web addresses in .com or, by giving them the chance to claim it with something far more targeted to their business.

“Bloggers, businesses and freelancers can also get more creative with their web addresses, using .gallery, or .shoes to make their website stand out from the crowd.

“The new names are catching on quickly, and we’ve already seen a lot of people signing up and adopting the changes.”

As part of the launch of the new domain name extensions, ICUK are offering free whois privacy on all the new extensions as well as many of their existing available extensions. This allows customers to protect their online identity and personal information from spammers and identity thieves looking for individual’s details.

Mr Barnett said: “At ICUK, unlike other companies, we believe privacy is a right not a privilege.

“We want to protect our customers’ identities from fraud and offering them free whois privacy coverage is a simple way we can do this.”

You can check if your ideal domain address is available through the ICUK website. Prices start at £15.

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About ICUK Computing Services Ltd

Based in Croydon, South London, ICUK is a private limited company offering advanced Internet communications for both the home and business user, whatever their needs. The company is without external investors, financial borrowing and being profitable, the company is stable and has been since its formation in November 2001. In August 2007 it merged with Red Telecommunications Ltd, and more recently in May 2011 it completed an acquisition of CIX Online Ltd.

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