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New Digital Marketing Book to Benefit Small Business Owners

02 February 2015 14:41


The first of its kind – an easy to follow guide on online advertising aimed at the busy ‘solopreneur’

Heather Robinson is a digital marketing specialist helping small and medium sized businesses since 2005. In her latest publication ‘Essential Online Advertising: Spend Wisely, Get Results’, Heather targets the small business owner or ‘solopreneur’ with this essential guide to advertising online.

With budgets for advertising being slashed in the recession, it’s more important than ever to make the most of the precious budget that is left. This book gives the solopreneur just the need-to-know facts about how to set up campaigns, report on results and optimise their profitability.

Heather says,

“The online world is becoming more and more competitive with Google’s search results becoming saturated and social media sites like Facebook giving businesses a tough time to get their updates in front of a large audience. Businesses need to be aware of the additional opportunities that are available in the form of paid advertising and how best to use them for their business.

“This book is unique in that it takes Google AdWords along with social media advertising and gives the solopreneur the key facts and takeaways for them to set up a campaign, manage their budget and, more importantly, get results.”

Heather runs a digital marketing consultancy called Skittish and runs regular training workshops through the Skittish Academy

The book is part of the ‘Solopreneur Guide’ series of business books and is available to buy online from (visit with the Kindle version on Amazon.

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About Skittish

Skittish is a digital marketing consultancy and trainer provider specialising in search marketing and social media. Heather speaks at top industry conferences and has written books on digital marketing aimed at small business owners.

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