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Your Business Community Ltd

New Business Hub Brings Affordable Space To Start Ups In Canary Wharf

26 November 2015 09:30

UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 26 November 2015 18:00

With the price of desk and office space forever on the increase, Your Business Community (YBC) has launched 'YBC Hub' - a co-working space aimed at helping start ups, the self employed and micro businesses create a physical base.

In co-operation with the Elysium Foundation charity, Quay House in Canary Wharf will have a capacity of supporting circa 300 people, startups, entrepreneurs and growing businesses, providing hot desks, permanent desks and offices, meeting rooms and training/educational facilities.

Ted Wigzell, Director of Your Business Community commented "starting your own business can be a lonely job and working from home may not always be suitable. YBC Hub brings casual and permanent space with extensive facilities to the growing number of start ups" He added "It will also allow people at all stages of their business journey to join part of a community allowing knowledge and experience to be shared for mutual benefit. Premium Members of Your Business Community will also get preferential rates for their space."

A spokesman for Elysium Foundation added "London is the centre of entrepreneurial growth in the UK and with the dramatic rise in the cost of office space, areas like Shoreditch are now out of the reach of most tech startups. With this in mind, working with Your Business Community, we are creating 'Silicon Quay', which will be a viable alternative location, where things like connectivity are not an issue!"

YBC Hub will also be the home of the YBC Academy, a project aimed at helping young entrepreneurs in school and further education start and grow their own business. Running an ongoing series of training, educational and experiential projects, YBC will allow these rising stars to get the foundation any start up needs.

Both Silicon Quay and YBC Hub opens its doors to members on 4th January 2016.

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If joining a traditional support group conjures up an image from an old black and white movie then you'll be pleased to know there is another choice.

Your Business Community has been formed to provide support for 21st century businesses.

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