Local man, Matt Fowler, has just launched a brand new business in Coventry. The 33-year-old father of one says he’s set a goal that his new business, Tutor Doctor, will have helped 1500 students by 2021.

Offering 1-2-1 tuition and support for students of all ages, Tutor Doctor Coventry, officially launched in April. At a home-based consultation, Matt thoroughly assesses a student’s needs and then carefully selects the best-fit tutor based on their goals, personality and learning style. Tutors then visit students at home or work with them via an online platform, so that they can learn in the comfort of their own home, at a time that suits them. “For today’s busy families,” says Matt, “this is a real benefit.”

Prior to starting his business, Matt enjoyed a 15-year-long career with well-known fitness brand, The Gym Group. After the company went Public, he decided that the time was right to follow his dreams and invest in his love for learning:

“I’ve always been passionate about education and have a personal interest in lifelong learning. I don’t think we ever really stop learning. Despite having a successful career, I always wanted to be my own boss and to be involved in supporting others so this felt like the perfect fit. Being able to help children and their families to get a result – whether that’s about getting a grade improvement, passing a test or even just becoming a more confident and happy learner - it’s so important to me that the business makes a difference, that’s what success will mean to me.”

As well as supporting local students, Matt’s business will provide work for local people who are keen to take up tutoring opportunities. In little over eight weeks, Matt is already working with nine tutors, all of whom are as keen to make a difference as they are to make money.

“The tutors we work with are a blend of different people. There are engineers who support students in physics and maths, undergrad students who are doing their Masters at University and also a high-profile professional in the financial industry who just wants to give back. I’ve found that people are really interested in giving back to the future generation and the personal rewards that tutoring brings – it’s something that’s important to me when we’re deciding which tutors to work with.”

As a father, Matt says he’s already seen first-hand the pressure that even very young children face and it’s made him more determined than ever to help children and their families get the most out of school whilst keeping stress and pressure under control.

“My daughter started school in September and I was quite shocked by the level of pressure. Even at five and six, there’s an expectation in the system of where children should be in their development. Of course, we all want the best for our children but today’s education environment is increasingly competitive - school places are limited, college entry requirements are increasing and university places are harder to secure. My aim is to put children, their parents and more mature students in a position where they feel confident and competent to apply for their number one choices.”

Having been brought up in Coventry, Matt now lives in Hinckley with his wife of six years, Claire, and daughter, Ava. Born and bred in the area, he’s keen that business and family thrive in the community:

“Settling in the area has always been our aim – my wife’s family are in Coventry and I know the area so well, I’m very proud to now be a Coventry-based business. Being part of the community is something that I enjoy and I love getting out and about, meeting families. Hopefully, schools in the area will realise that I’m here to support, not challenge, and we’ll build some great partnerships over the coming years too.”

For more information about Matt’s approach to tailored, 1-2-1 tuition, contact Tutor Doctor Coventry on 02477 981 227 or visit

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About Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor is the fastest growing in-home tutoring franchise in the world. Business owners, like Rob, work with families to thoroughly asses a child’s needs and then carefully select the best-fit tutor based on goals, personality and learning style. Instead of the tired old centre-based model, tutors visit students at home or work via a state-of-the-art online learning platform so that students can learn in the comfort of their own home, at a time that suits them. For today’s busy families, this is a real benefit!

The company was established in North America in 2000 and started its global expansion in 2003. It now has over 500 franchised offices in more than 14 countries and a network of 16,000 tutors. Operations in the UK began in 2009 and since then the company has experienced growth of 50% year on year and now has 80 franchise owners in the UK. The company is a proud member of both The Tutors Association and the British Franchise Association.