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Runners Bell

New and trending device for all urban runners, skate boarders, roller skaters

01 June 2015 09:45


Frustrated by slow moving pedestrians when you're out jogging around the parks and roads? Run Bell is the answer!

This handy device simply slips over two of your fingers and with a little practice you'll soon be giving a bright and cheerful Ting-a-Ling on your runs clearing the slow movers out the way.

This device was developed in Japan by Kevin Nadolny using funds raised via the Kickstart web site. Simon Rigby was so impressed with the run bell he asked Kevin to let him distribute the product in the UK. He has set up a web site and is promoting and distributing it through out the UK.

It is certainly a quality, precision made product and looks great. Well priced at £19.99. For the launch period Runners Bell are offering free carriage on all orders.

Make a great present for the runner in the family.

The product will be reviewed on Gadget Man tonight 1st June 2015.

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Simon Rigby


Tel: 0759 0673704


About Runners Bell

Run Bell was created by Kevin Nadolny in Japan. I saw the product reviewed in a magazine here in the UK and was so impressed I persuaded Kevin to let me distribute here in the UK. I am now actively promoting the product through the web site

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