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Neon Moon Ltd

Neon Moon Launches Hairy Mannequin In The City

01 August 2016 18:00


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Neon Moon
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Neon Moon Launches Hairy Mannequin In The City
1 August, 2016 (London UK) – Feminist Lingerie company Neon Moon announces the launch of a month long Pop Up shop with the use of body positive mannequins sporting armpit and pubic hair in the heart of The City.

The City is known for old boys clubs and uniformity with people in suits, so Neon Moon has set up a body positive window display for their new Prince’s Trust Pop Up with a stand-out mannequin who depicts the unapologetic feminist nature engrained in the values and ethos of Neon Moon.
“Women actually do have hair sprouting from their bodies, and we don’t care if the truth pisses people off. It’s as if people are so socially conditioned to think women are hairless, and we’re like no darling, without shaving we’re not. Neon Moon constantly celebrates natural beauty and are proud to reflect what women’s bodies really look like. Women should not have to question why they look a certain way or feel that they have to conform to society's pressures. It's important for women to not compare themselves to unachievable standards of 'beauty'. Rather, they need to reclaim the right to their bodies and decide how it should look for them and not for others, and that’s what our mannequin Luna is doing,” says Neon Moon CEO & Founder, Hayat Rachi.

“As named by our amazing Neon Moon community, Luna the body-positive mannequin, is set up at our very first Pop Up shop in London to create debate and conversation over what beauty means to passersby. We aim to create a fight back in The City, as most people who work around there just expect lingerie brands to always bare the male gaze in mind – and we just won’t do that. We invite passersby to explore their level of comfort with the natural female form, as our storefront has been bombarded with people taking photos, popping in The Prince’s Trust Tomorrow shop to tell us their positive feedback and we’re keen to hear more over the month,” says Hayat Rachi.
Rachi, who got fed up of seeing lingerie brands focus on the male gaze, wants women everywhere to reject the view that they have to fit the very narrow standard of beauty perpetuated by the lingerie industry. With this new Pop Up and hairy mannequin, Neon Moon is taking a bold step to help boost self-esteem in women by going against societal norms and showing its commitment to embracing all body shapes and sizes including models with cellulite, stretch marks, acne and body hair in unretouched photos.
High-res photos:
The lingerie can be found in The Prince’s Trust Tomorrow Store from 1st-25th August, and on, retailing from £30 to £75.

Notes to Editors:
About Neon Moon 
Neon Moon is the world’s first feminist lingerie brand for women with feminist values. Neon Moon aims to bring change to the lingerie industry by using modest designs and unconventional models to fight against the negative perceptions of body image in young women, and discourage objectification and the sexualisation of women. Neon Moon is known for being the unapologetic lingerie brand in the fashion industry, and is pushing boundaries with their window display and mannequin. Neon Moon supplies soft cup bras and knickers, Made in Britain and from Modal fabric from the pulp of beech trees, a revolutionary move which will redefine the way women view their bodies as they create the shape of Neon Moon’s lingerie and not the other way around.

Neon Moon Founder, Hayat Rachi, found it difficult to find a lingerie brand that shared the same ethos as herself: empowerment, body-confidence and the non-objectification of women. So instead of succumbing to the lingerie on the market, she used her frustration to start her own brand Neon Moon with the support of The Prince’s Trust, and for the month of August 2016 is hosting a Pop Up at their official store.

Neon Moon is objectification, sexualisation, photoshop and sweatshop-free. Neon Moon was set up with help from the charity The Prince's Trust and successfully funded on Kickstarter. Neon Moon also fought to get Project Harpoon removed on social media after having photoshopped their Neon Moon Model Paulina. Neon Moon makes it its mission to feature models of all shapes and sizes in unretouched photos. Neon Moon is a London based brand who prides itself on being Made in Britain. Worldwide shipping.

Bras priced at, including VAT:
Bof bra - £55
Tactac bra - £65
Non bra - £75

Knickers priced at, including VAT:
Thong – £30
Coucou Knicker – £35
High-waisted Thong – £40
High-waisted Knicker - £45

Available in sizes Lovely, Gorgeous, Beautiful, Fabulous and Stunning.

Find us at:
Prince’s Trust - Tomorrow Store
9 Eldon Street

Pop Up Dates:
1st – 25th August 2016

Opening Times:
Monday - Friday
10am - 7pm

Media contact:
Tel: 07711588287

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Hayat Rachi

CEO & Founder

Tel: 07711588287


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