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Top Tourist

Need some new travel inspiration for English Tourism Week? Talk about Top Tourist.

01 March 2016 10:00


In December 2013, husband and wife team David and Frances Murray, co-founders of Top Tourist, The Global Social Tourism Site, saw a gap in the market for a travel and tourist information website that uniquely provides travellers and holiday makers with a platform on which they can share their favourite holiday destination, memorable activity or culinary experience. Two years on, the site features over 55 country destinations and growing, a whole host of activities from Kayaking to Cultural Tours and is now the perfect place to find Top Tourist destinations, great holiday experiences, interesting activities and inspirational travel ideas from around the world.

According to Government Overseas Travel Tourism statistics, expenditure for the last quarter of 2015 indicated that we spend over £30billion on our holidays each year. In 2015 alone, over 13 million trips abroad were recorded, meaning one in five of us went abroad on holiday last year.

Commenting on the Government statistics, Frances is not surprised by the trends the tourism industry is experiencing. There is clear evidence, she maintains, from those now browsing through the pages of, to indicate that people are focusing on their leisure time much more, as they seek to get their work-life balance right. “There is much more of a demand for bespoke experiences as opposed to packaged holidays now," she says, “but it’s not just abroad. There is an equal demand for fresh and new ideas at home, and with us celebrating English Tourism Week from the 5 March, we are looking forward to helping those wanting to find something different to do to capture memorable moments.”

Basing the Top Tourist concept on their own travels, David says "As more of our disposable income and time goes on finding a great holiday experience, rightly people are looking for something different to do, and somewhere different to go. They also want to enjoy the actual experience of choosing their break by being able to search for ideas based on their own wish list."

Top Tourist offers people the opportunity to find inspirational travel ideas with the help of blogs written by tourists themselves, and by inviting related businesses in travel, tourism, leisure and hospitality across the globe to post their suggestions too. “We don’t sell holidays,” says David, “or pepper our site with adverts. From adrenaline junkies, to wine connoisseurs, Albania to Zimbabwe, there is something for everyone on Top Tourist”.

So, what are the top tourist suggestions for the coming English Tourism Week? "That all depends on what you like," says David. "What we don't do at Top Tourist is make your mind up for you, but personally, I think I’ll mix some Medieval history with a modern day twist on an authentic Asian dish!"

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