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British Family


24 July 2015 18:45


A luxurious new anti-ageing range, Salix Alba Skincare, ( has been launched on the global market and promises to enhance skin softness and reverse the appearance of ageing. The 100% natural and organic formulations include naturally sourced Salicin (an extract of the willow tree), whereas many leading skincare brands use chemically derived Salicylic Acid.

Salix Alba Skincare is the only completely natural formulation on the market and uses Lake District spring water, which acquires its Salicin content as it filters through a subterranean aquifier that was once a prehistoric White Willow forest.

Salicin is a natural Beta Hydroxyl Acid which exfoliates the skin by breaking down the outer layer of dead skin cells allowing healthy cells to rise to the surface and give the complexion a healthy, youthful glow. Salix Alba Skincare comprises a carefully balanced combination of minerals, including skin enhancing calcium and magnesium combined with natural anti-oxidants to fully replenish and revitalise skin.

Salicin is a micro-nutrient respected for its healing powers for centuries. In the Salix Alba range it has been infused with some of the world's best known, most potent natural and organic skincare ingredients, renowned for their beneficial effects on the skin to create a truly unique luxurious and natural anti-ageing formula.

Salix Alba Skincare has luxury ranges for both women and men. These include:
Co-Q10 Body Lotion – SPF25 – 100ml £48.00Add to basketAdd to basket
Co-Q10 Cleanser – 50ml £34.00
Collagen Retinol Day Moisturiser – SPF25 – 50ml £60.00
Hand & Nail Cream – SPF25 – 50ml £52.00
Pro Age Eye Cream – SPF25 – 15ml £42.00
Rejuvenating Night Cream – SPF25 – 50ml £62.00

For further details visit
Media contact:
Please contact Emma Starrs,, Tel: 07704 110703

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About British Family

We are the Bradshaw family, well known advocates of buying British. As seen on national TV, radio & in the press.

We are the Bradshaw’s from Kent. A normal British family in every way except that we have, inadvertently, become a leading consumer voice supporting British manufacturing and farming. Our regular appearances on the TV and in the press, documenting our own personal struggles to buy British, we hope, have inspired others to also support their local and domestic producers.

Since we took the unusual challenge of trying to survive on only British made goods back in January 2013 we have seen a wealth of food & drink, clothing & consumables and gadgets & gizmos all made in Britain. We have found that manufacturing in the UK isn’t dead – in fact quite the opposite. We are still a creative, talented and entrepreneurial nation… and that fact needs recognising.

Our message is about celebrating Britain’s hardworking, but often overlooked, manufactures and farmers and the great things they make. In our blog you will find interviews, reviews, videos, recipes and practical guides on the best that Britain has to offer.

We are the organisers of The British Family Fayre, run The Britipedia directory of British made goods and administrate the most widely used logo for British made goods.

Our message: Buy British and support UK manufacturing!

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