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National breastfeeding week is no longer just for Mums, Dads can breastfeed too!

24 June 2015 14:45


Breastfeeding week is no longer just for Mums! Dads/Partners can breast feed too with Milkysnugz.

It is a known fact that breast-feeding is not only nutritional for a baby, but it helps mothers get back into shape much quicker and naturally. Not only do the pressures of getting her body to bounce back toy with a mother’s emotions, the pressures to breast feed can add to the mounting levels of stress and anxiety, which can lead to what is widely known as ‘baby blues'.

In the hope of easing the mind of a new mother, founder of Milkysnugz, Sukhvinder Javeed wants to empower men and get them breastfeeding and bonding with their babies. The average mother will breastfeed from 3-6 months then return to work, however, she does not need to give up breast-feeding. Expressing milk and placing it in a Milkysnugz comforter for baby will reduce the guilt a mother may feel if she wasn't breastfeeding and allow for father’s to bond with their new born. This way, a mother can go to work knowing baby won’t miss mummy’s smell or milk!

Further to this, breast milk can be refrigerated or frozen, so when baby is ready for a feed, all parents will have to do is warm it up by placing the bottle in some warm water and then placing the bottle inside a Milkysnugz where the temperature is kept constant, baby can smell mummy and getting hugs from Daddy/partner/Nanny.

Women are still fighting for equality in the board room, men are equally battling a similar fight when it comes to bonding with the life they helped bring in to this world, mums go to work while dads pick up the breastfeeding - If we want to sit at the table with the men then we must be willing to hand over responsibilities to them too.

Let’s empower men, get them breastfeeding and bonding with their babies too.

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About Milkysnugz(TM)

Milkysnugz is a product designed by Sukhvinder Javeed as a response to her own experience in having issues with rest feeding her own baby.
Whilst on the one hand Milkysnugz is seen a s a cuddly toy by the baby, it provides a medical benefit to mothers in allowing expressed breast milk to be kept fresh, enabling fathers to help with feeding at unsociable hours, reieving stress and post natal depression from mothers.
It also enables the baby to transition from breast milk to formula milk.

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