“After working with Jess, I went from making 2-5K per month, to 34.5K in 16 days. Six months later, I had my first 197K month in May 2017. Jess knows how to take you and your business to the next level with ease” - Malaine Le
New #1 best-selling business book:
Smart Leaders Sell by Jessica Lorimer
In Smart Leaders Sell, ex-corporate high flier turned entrepreneur making over multi-6 figures in profit, Jessica Lorimer shares her secrets on how to turn your business into a profitable money making machine.
The book gives all of her strategies, blueprints, scripts and exercises that are integral to success for entrepreneurs.
It also covers how to run the perfect sales call, handling objections, sales psychology and how to identify your personal selling style.
“Jessica’s no-nonsense book is super readable and gives pragmatic advice on how to build a business and make sales without “pimping your pain for profit”. Authentic, actionable and proven sales advice for any entrepreneur looking to monetise their business online. It’s a game-changer”. Amazon reviewer
Readers have told the author the book is changing their lives and businesses forever because they are implementing the proven strategies.
Available in paper back and ebook:
Jessica takes the reader through proven sales strategies gleaned from her years at the top of the corporate ladders heading up international sales divisions for luxury brand conglomerates and puts these processes into a proven system that has seen over 1000 international entrepreneurs from 12 different countries double or triple their profit as a result of her sales coaching.
In the book she will help you:
• Identify your seller and buyer style (and use those to maximise your profits)
• Learn the psychology behind why your prospects aren't buying - and how to turn it around.
• Run the perfect sales call and increase your yes exponentially.
• Map out a simple launch that skyrockets your sales...
Smart Leaders Sell has already been ranked No 1 on Amazon.
Jessica is of the UK's outstanding achievers under 30. She reached multi-6 figures in her business at just 27 years old.
It is a must-read for anyone who sells stuff or services.
Following a successful corporate career, Jessica Lorimer launched her business, Smart Leaders Sell, and rocketed it to a multi-six figure coaching and consultancy business in less than 3 years. She is ideally placed to share her expertise after her corporate success as one of the industry’s highest performing award-winning sales people.
Jessica was recently featured on Channel 5 News commenting on the gender pay gap, and a few days earlier on LBC sharing her sales skills on The Business Hour with Emma Jones and Clive Bull.
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Press copies of the book available on request. Photos also available.
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