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ICON Nutrition

Momentum Builds for Bigger Better Summer Online CrossFit Competition

17 February 2015 13:05


- ICON Nutrition set to launch another free-to-enter online team competition this summer.

ICON Nutrition, an evidence-focused sports supplement brand, are set to launch another free online CrossFit competition this summer after the success of their individual competition in January which saw over 1000 people register across Europe and compete to win up to £2,000 worth of prizes and become the 2015 ICON Online Champion! 

The ICON Online Championships, an online CrossFit-focused competition set up by UK-based nutrition company ICON Nutrition, is set to launch a new team-focussed competition in the summer after experiencing overwhelming support for their individual competition which ran in January 2015, over a 4 week period.

The summer event is looking to be team-focussed and will consist of four testing workouts, designed by qualified CrossFit Coach Mitch Adams. Each workout will test an individuals cardiovascular, gymnastic and weightlifting ability.

Rather than the competition being staged at a specific venue, it is set-up as an online leaderboard- style competition that allows entrants to do the workout in their very own CrossFit gym, in their own time, and submit their score online. The online aspect allows individuals from all over the globe to compete against each other in a fun yet challenging way. 

“After the huge success of our January competition and from the overwhelming positive feedback we have had from the CrossFit community, we decided it would be great to build on this momentum and run another free online competition in the summer with a team emphasis”, says Kevin Smith, Head of Marketing and Communications at ICON Nutrition. “We expect to double the number of entrants with the event this summer and provide even more great prizes.”

ICON Nutrition has established itself as a go-to CrossFit brand within the UK with a focus on customer service and an ethical approach to sports nutrition. “We have aligned the entire company around providing the best customer service possible. This, combined with producing clean evidence-driven sports supplements, is the key driver of growth within the CrossFit community who analyse product labels and care about clean, quality nutrition,” added Mr Smith.

Follow the official ICON Online Championships Facebook page for up-to-date information: https://

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About ICON Nutrition

About ICON Nutrition
ICON Nutrition are an evidence-based sports nutrition brand established in 2012. The ICON Nutrition range is sold across the UK and Europe in select strength and conditioning facilities, CrossFit boxes and functional fitness gyms. You can find more information about the brand online at, and via facebook and twitter

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