The Moksha Beauty is renovating the way dead sea bath salts and foot soaks have been used in the past. The infusion of essential oils and natural ingredients provides an additional dimension to the bath salts from their previous avatar.

Dead Sea Bath Salts are very popular among people who have muscle ache or soar feet, but with the use of essential oils the use of the bath salts can be extended to relief from insomnia, sinus and athlete's foot as well.

Moksha Bath Salts have received positive feedback from its customers. Moksha customers appreciate the good packaging and presentability of the bath salts.

When speaking to the founder of the company, Deepika mentioned, "We label all our bath salts by hand. The bath salts are home made in small batches and we then put them into the boxes and put the labelling on them at our home. We are very much a family operated unit when it comes to bath salts. "

Moksha Beauty currently offers 3 fragrances og the bath salts. They are infused with different essential oils to produce different results.

The dead sea bath salt with peppermint and rosemary is aimed to reduce stress and provide a calming effect to the user.

The rosemary and black pepper is targeted at the more athletic audience. The black pepper helps in relaxing te muscles, which can be very effective after a work out or a gym session.

The third fragrance is aimed at the cold conditions in our country. It is infused with tea tree and eucalyptus oils, which helps in fighting cold anf flu symptoms.

All the three fragrances, are made from 100% natural ingredients and are manufactured in the UK.

The bath salts are available to purchase from Amazon as well as their website. More details about the dead sea bath salts can be found here -

While speaking to the founder of the company, she mentioned, "I am very grateful that our bath salts that we manufactured to help reduce the stress levels of our customers is finally taking shape. We have been complimented by several of our customers about the concept of adding 100% pure essential oils into bath salts. With the impetus on building and promoting British brands and businesses, Moksha Beauty is contributing in its own way.

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About Moksha Beauty

Hello, my name is Deepika and I am the founder of Moksha Beauty.
We are manufacturers of Bath and Body products including Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Soaps and Shower Gels. All our products are 100% natural and handmade in the UK.

At Moksha Beauty, our goal is to provide a relaxing and replenishing environment in the comforts of your home. Our aim is to make the enriching experience of a SPA both accessible and affordable to everyone.

Unlike other bath products, our products are hand-blended with essential oils.
Essential oils are known not only to relax the body and muscles but are also very well known for their medicinal properties.

To cite a few examples – tea tress oil which we use in our foot soaks have anti bacterial properties. Lavender, which is used in our bath bombs helps reduce stress, and eucalyptus oil, which is use both in our shower gels and bath salts, helps in rejuvenating the body and mind.

We use high quality shea butter in our bath bombs and Dead Sea salts. The shea butter makes our skin soft and nourished. It replenishes and moisturizes the skin, making you feel young and fresh.

Our products suitable for all skin types: sensitive, itchy, dry skins or even if one is suffering from eczema. One of the major benefits of using a 100% natural product is that they have no side effects. All our products are safe for use by children and pregnant women as well.

Our bath bombs and bath salts make a great gift idea as well.