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Sarum Hydraulics Ltd

Micropac pumps spin around the corrosion challenge.

30 September 2014 11:09


Specialist UK manufacturer of hydraulics is winning the battle against corrosion on moving parts in harsh environments such as wind farms.

Sarum Hydraulics, Salisbury based specialist manufacturer of Micropac® hydraulic hand pumps has been working with offshore wind turbine hydraulic manufacturers to combat harsh maritime environments. The company has developed expertise to fight corrosion on critical hydraulic components and can see wider application than just wind turbine hydraulics.

“Don’t risk components seizing up by the time they come to be used” says John Foster, the Managing Director of Sarum hydraulics. “If you are using commercial hydraulic components, you can paint or coat but inevitably are left with problems on moving parts such as spindles, mechanisms and actuators.”
“Our 316 stainless pumps have an enviable reputation for long term reliability and corrosion resistance in offshore and sub-sea applications.”
“Where you cannot manufacture in 316 stainless, we offer mainstream corrosion protection plus well engineered solutions using the right materials and finishes in the right area”
“The throw away pump, seized in a matter of weeks is no longer an issue.”

Sarum Hydraulics Limited has 30 years of hydraulic design know how and their flagship Micropac® brand offers quality and unrivalled engineering support. The company provides bespoke hydraulic design and OEM solutions to customers throughout the world and across a spectrum of industries.

To discuss your hydraulic application contact: +44 (0) 1722 328388.

Sarum Hydraulics Limited
Unit 1 Danebury Court
Old Sarum Park
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0) 1722 328388
F: +44 (0) 1722 414307

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About Sarum Hydraulics Ltd

Sarum Hydraulics specialises in the design, development and manufacture of their Micropac pumps and associated components.

All products are manufactured in their Salisbury factory for total control of quality.

Over 20 years, the Company has built up considerable expertise in applying their products to provide hydraulic solutions for a wide range of industries and problems.

Our standard range of equipment may offer a solution or we can provide a cost effective OEM product to meet specific requirements.

The Company is quality assurance approved to ISO 9001.

Our products include:–

Micropac pressure testing and filling equipment. Manufactured in a range of materials and suitable for demanding fluids

Micropac handpumps for the fluid power industry. Cost effective manual power solutions.

Precision hydraulic systems using our Micropac components. Innovative design provides miniature but rugged hydraulic solutions for industries, including aerospace, defence, offshore and medical.

OEM hydraulic equipment. Manual hydraulic pumps, fillers, overrides, integral pumps/cylinders and jacks.

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