At the most romantic time of the year, it seems that a beer from Suffolk has helped two people across the other side of the world find love.

St Peter's Brewery has come over all romantic after a customer from Mexico put in a proposal for a personalised beer for her girlfriend.

Celeste Rosas contacted the Suffolk-based brewery explaining how she'd been in a relationship with her girlfriend, Erika, for almost a year and was completely in love, all because of a pint of St Peter's Honey Porter. She wrote, “Something we’ve never forgotten is that when we first met, we were both drinking a St Peter’s Honey Porter and, in fact, the beer was the reason why we started talking!

“Our first anniversary is really close and I’ve been thinking of doing something special for Erika. Then an idea came to my mind! Wouldn't it be perfect to create a 'Special Edition' of the Honey Porter personalised with her name and the date of our anniversary. Could you help?”

Quick to react, St Peter's got in touch with its local label producer, Anglia Labels, asking if it could create a dozen special labels to adorn 12 bottles of St Peter's Honey Porter to be sent out to Celeste in Mexico to surprise her girlfriend. “It's so nice to receive letters from our customers,” explains Steve Magnall, CEO at St Peter's Brewery. “We pride ourselves on making beers that create a talking point, so to know that one of our beers helped two people find love is really lovely. With such a heart-warming request, we knew we had to fulfil it and we hope Celeste and her girlfriend enjoy their special beer and a long and happy life together.”

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St Peter's Brewery has a 20-year history in brewing real ale, including Organic and Gluten Free, as well as bottles and cask ales for on and off-trade.