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Melissa Curry encourages women with her little gold bar of strength

07 December 2015 15:15

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Melissa Curry encourages women with her little gold bar of strength

Irish Jewelry designer Melissa Curry goes live on Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic has just announced their plans to launch Irish jewelry designer Melissa Curry’s new women’s jewelry collection BYOS in their 2016 inflight magazine. This authentic new collection consists of 28 elegant rose gold and silver little motivators of success. BYOS is now a Virgin exclusive and is listed as one of seven Virgin Loves products. BYOS has been chosen by Virgin Atlantic due to its alignment with Virgin’s mission “To embrace the human spirit and let it fly”. This ties in perfectly with the BYOS statement: be bold, be brave, be you.

BYOS is Melissa Curry’s most personal collection yet and was inspired by the designers own life experiences. This empowering collection was designed to be an encouraging gift to women and to celebrate the wearer’s own personal definition of success. Wearers of the jewelry are inspired to imagine, believe and achieve. The positive psychology behind the brand with its intention of enhancing women’s confidence and self-belief is what makes BYOS so unique.

Spearheading the collection is the celebrated success bracelet with its tiny gold bar of strength. The very first success bracelets were gifted to the first lady of the USA Michelle Obama and her two daughters Sasha and Malia by the Irish state during their 2013 visit. Since then word of the BYOS collection has spread like wildfire with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Saoirse Ronan, Jojo Moyes, Lisa Jewel, Bobbi Brown and Arianna Huffington connecting with the message.

Melissa Curry, Founder of BYOS said: “It all starts with self – belief; the key to success is finding Strength, Opportunity, Balance, Love and Happiness. These little motivators of confidence and encouragement are for you and those you love. Success is about being you, knowing what makes you tick, what makes your heart work, what makes your mind work and embodying that.”

Find the collection BYOS on the website But also on the social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Melissa invites all the women and girls to share their success stories by using the hashtag #beyourownsuccess.
So share your experiences !

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BYOS by Melissa Curry is jewelry with heart and zing designed to encourage and celebrate girls and also women with the power to Be Brave, Be Bold, Be You.

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