It is no coincidence that a man who dedicated the first 25 years of his career to resettling the refugees of Africa, South Asia and the Middle East into new homes, should come to own a business committed to ensuring the vulnerable residents of South West London can remain in theirs.

This is the story of local businessman, Abdirahman Issa – known as Abdi. A former UN humanitarian and International Civil Servant turned local care provider, and his dedication to the philanthropic and ethical causes he feels so passionately about.

“My entire career has centred around the proper due care and attention of those who require all forms of protection and asylum. It was incredibly rewarding to play a part in the rehabilitation of so many vulnerable people over the years. Quite regularly, our work would benefit entire communities. The support of vulnerable individuals has always been of great significance to myself, both in terms of my career and the ethics I pride myself on,” said Abdi.

As a former Head of a Sub-Field office with the UN, Abdi has witnessed first-hand the loss and torment experienced when a vulnerable minority is stripped of their identity and citizenship. His vital role saw him managing the logistics of rehoming and rehabilitating all manner of refugees, across three different continents.
Managing teams of UN staff and volunteers, Abdi was responsible for coordinating emergency plans for refugees in significantly dangerous situations and planning collaborations between various worldwide relief organisations. He has quite literally changed thousands of lives.

Few can understand the importance of home more than Abdi. After an itinerant career spanning more than two decades, he too felt the desire to build a future for himself and his family. With a naturally altruistic disposition, it’s no surprise that he chose to launch his business in a sector committed to the care of others.

“I have always worked in a caring capacity. Caring for others is all I know, so launching a company entirely committed to helping elderly and vulnerable remain in their homes is of great significance to me. Particularly as I spent two decades rehoming vulnerable people – I feel strongly that people should be given the choice to remain at home, for as long as possible,”

Since late 2016, Abdi has owned and operated domiciliary care company, Caremark, in Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster – with daughter, Fathia, at his side. Working with Dementia sufferers, elderly and vulnerable adults, the pair aim to preserve dignity and independence for their clients to ensure quality of life.

Commitment to the those in their time of need runs in the Issa family. Inspired by the actions of her father during his lengthy tenure at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Fathia earned a master’s degree in Human Rights at Kingston University London. Also like her father, she has been involved in humanitarian projects in South Africa, mentoring women and young children, promoting the importance of Care and Support, Women’s Empowerment and Education. More recently, Fathia continues to volunteer at an independent non-governmental organisation that advocates human rights.

“It seemed only right to bring Fathia on board, to assist with operating the business. She is incredibly smart and an asset to the sector in which we work. She is also very caring, a great communicator and has experience in health care. I’m proud to work with such a compassionate Care Manager,” explained Abdi.

Like her Father, Fathia feels passionately about the high standard of care that Caremark Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster offer to their clients: “The work we do now is equally as important as anything we have done previously in our careers. The experience we have from our time working with worldwide organisations has set a standard for ourselves that we will not let falter. Our clients, and the quality of care they receive, are our number one priority.”

It’s Abdi’s dream that his business will become a legacy, not just for his daughter’s future but for the residents of Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster too.

Image attached: Abdi and Fathia in the Caremark office
Images available: Abdi during his time with the UN
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About Caremark

Caremark is the UK's largest privately owned care franchise with a turnover of £65m. We are a leading home care provider with over 100 offices in the UK and Ireland. We support over 6000 customers and employ more than 5400 carers who deliver on average, over 96,000 hours of care, every single week, across the UK.

Established in 2005, we are proud to be a wholly UK owned and operated home care franchise which has an established and successful UK based network. 43% of Caremark franchisees are female, which is almost double the national franchising average. It's a figure we are really proud of. Not only that, but a large proportion of our management team are women, including our Managing Director, Finance Director, National Operations Manager and National Training Manager.

The UK has an ageing population which is estimated to grow some 58% in the next 20 years. As the demand for more complex and highly professional levels of care increases, we continue to provide a quality service to those in need of help and support. There is also a developing awareness that care at home can benefit not only those individuals in need but the hospitals and other organisations that are also responsible for looking after them.