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Maroque Henna lamps, bringing a touch of Moroccan warmth to your home

06 October 2016 15:30


Maroque's lovely hand crafted goatskin henna lamps are perfect at this time of year, bring that warming Moroccan glow into your home as the weather turns cold.
From 150cm floor standing lamps creating a wow factor to 40cm table top lamps that add the softest glow to the corner of your room.
Hand crafted by artisans in Marrakesh, each lamp is unique, and brings a small piece of the stunning country into your home.
Maroque currently has over 30 designs, shapes and colours to choose from.

The range can be viewed online here

Maroque is the UK’s specialist supplier of all things Moroccan for the home.

Julie Woodard, owner of Maroque comments: “As each item is handcrafted, the patterns are unique making the item an individual treasured piece. It is also a lovely thing to give as a gift as you are supporting talented Moroccan craftsmen and their families by buying their products and allowing them to continue with these ancient traditions".

Maroque has 13 years of experience in bringing Moroccan magic to the home, from the largest selection of lamps from 6ft to 10cm, classic hand crafted pottery, tea glasses to recreate your own iconic mint tea, the UK's widest selection of tagines, as well as a host of recipes and an interiors guide to inspire.

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About Maroque

Passionate about Moroccan food cooking buying and eating it! - and supplying fabulous Moroccan products, gifts, lamps, mirrors, ceramics, tagines & furniture.

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