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Marketing With Love don't cost a thing with their Small Business Saturday Challenge

01 December 2016 14:02


This Saturday in celebration of Small Business Saturday on 3rd December 2016, Nicola Millington, the founder of FP Comms - a London-based Marketing and PR company, and author of The Marketing With Love blog, is heading into London to do her Christmas shopping. This isn’t any old shopping trip, though – there’s a twist. As Nicola – or one of the team from FP Comms - does their Christmas shopping, they will be judging the businesses that they shop at on their customer service. This competition aims to promote great Small Businesses who are elevating themselves above their competitors.

The business that offers the best customer service will win a prize worth £1980 will include: one month’s worth of free PR, allowing them to promote their business in new and exciting ways. Giving them the opportunity to grow their brand and reach.
The PR package will include:
• One press release – written and distributed by the Team at FP Comms,
• PR consultation of over three hours,
• a feature on Nicola’s blog – Marketing With Love, which will reach over 1000 people
• A trophy!

Nicola Millington, founder of FP Comms and Marketing With Love blog, stated:
“I love business and the possibility of what it can do for a better society. I started my blog as a way to get up close and personal with the people who want to build amazing businesses and brands. Although, I take for granted that people know what they are doing when it comes to Marketing or PR, when more often than not, lack of experience and lack of contacts means that they lose faith in the process. As a business woman and new blogger, I am excited to run this competition and aim to make this an annual thing."

Any small business can enter directly or you can nominate a local business that you believe offers fantastic customer service. To nominate all you have to do is register on the Marketing With Love blog - and give an explanation about what makes them stand out in the marketplace and why you are nominating them. On Saturday, the FP Comms team will visit as many businesses as possible, judging them on their levels of customer service. Not only will the team look at how they are treated, but also how other customers are treated by staff.

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