The MLT Program guides and implements transition strategies to help clients to successfully navigate the murky waters of transition and turn those painful, difficult and confusing times in their lives into a catalyst for creating something better.
London, England – February 11, 2017: A leading coaching, transition planning and training solutions provider for individuals and organisations. Transition Planning UK (TPUK) now also offers a comprehensive group workshop that helps attendees through life transitions. The workshop offers tools to help their clients prepare emotionally and mentally for the changes occurring in their lives.
While there is no denying the fact that change is a perfectly normal and natural part of human lives, it is still difficult to deal with. People often experience feelings of surprise and sadness when going through life transitions. Whether its dealing with loss of loved one, pet, career, sudden success, relocation etc changes can lead to feelings of confusion, frustration, emotional and psychological pain forcing people to give up precisely when it’s extremely important for them to go on.
In a statement released to the press, a TPUK representative expressed that, “Our MLT workshops reassure attendees that they have what it takes to take these challenges head on. We provide them with the tools, resources, inspiration and motivation necessary for coping with a life that may have turned completely upside down. There is no doubt that challenges can be very hard, but we strongly believe that all of us have the capacity to cope and flourish in our new, changed lives. The MLT Workshop is built on these values and offers the skills, tactics and exercises to make this a reality for all our clients.”
Transition, whether personal or professional, brings with it feelings of loss, uncertainty, discomfort and finally understanding and integration. The ‘Managing Life Transitions’ Workshop helps speed up the process of integration, by offering valuable insights helping attendees negotiate these transitions with ease.
This makes the MLT workshop a great option for anyone who hasn’t been able to deal with the changes in their life, and remains confused, overwhelmed and quite possibly, depressed. As the constant rhythmic flow of life brings with it new frontiers and horizons, TPUK is emerging as a trusted a partner that can help individuals get through to new frontiers with ease and insight.
About The Company
Brainchild of Simon Aidoo, a certified Transition Planning consultant, Transition Planning UK was formed with the aim of helping organisations and individuals navigate through life-changing events, as well as complex and professional situations. The company offers a variety of private and corporate coaching programs and consulting services for their clientele.
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Transition Planning UK (TPUK) is a Leading Business & Personal Transition Planning; Coaching Transitions and Leading Organizational Transition; Training solutions and Consultancy provider. We Offer proven strategies to our clientele to help them navigate the murky waters of complex Business, Organizational and Personal life changes. We provide them with the tools and skills to handle the personal side of change, which undermines change initiatives and cause resistance to change. Using a unique methodology, we help Business Owners, executives, professionals including athletes, medical professionals, politicians, police, Fire Brigade, teachers etc to make a smooth transition from their careers and businesses into post-career life. By using a multi-disciplinary approach our clients are able to create a satisfying, meaningful and purposeful new life when they call time on their businesses and careers.
There is Life after work and TPUK is here to help you to live an exciting post-career life.

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